Debate of The Week #8

It must be Friday because it’s time to drop your socks and grab your tux again for Big Mike’s Debate of the Week!

Again, Sorry I haven’t been writing but I am catching up with the mixing life, honey-do lists and a job.  To recap the last Debate of the week I asked you what was better to do in order to get clean, a bath or shower?

I think the comments spoke for themselves.  The shower was unanimous!  But some of you did state that a bath is much better for a relaxing soak for the aches and pains that haunt our aging bodies.  I would also like to give an honorable mention to body sprays as a suggestion as well.  Puke!!!!  I remember the first time I ever witnessed a guy, who I played softball with, spray his entire body down with some concoction that was close to the smell of a mixture of fresh cut wood, an expired baby diaper and old woman’s perfume.  Worst thing ever!!!  Not sure why he just didn’t take a shower….

Anyway that was probably our most popular debate yet!  Thank you everyone for participating!

Now on to this weeks DEBATE OF THE WEEK!

I’ve dug deep into my bag of topics for this week.  And I think this will shake things up a bit for you all.

Most of you are experiencing some great weather around the world.  Tis the season to get out and enjoy the sun.  With great weather comes outside activities along with romping in the grass like little kids playing ring around the rosie.

This week I want to debate about sports.  Why not?  I’m back on the field myself and am in the mood to talk some sports.  But wait!  Don’t click that red box with the white X just yet, you sports haters.  You haven’t heard the sports yet…..

Let’s discuss Thumb Wrestling (TW) vs Rock Paper Scissors (RPS).

I think I need to first defend whether or not these are even sports.  I say yes and because of this reason alone…..They have governing bodies that oversee each sport.  Don’t believe me?  Google it!  Thumb wrestling has the Thumb Wrestling Federation and its president is Newt Knuckle.  Still don’t believe me?  I just finished reading all about it on a Wiki post on the internet.  If it’s on the internet, it must be true!

How about Rock Paper Scissors?  This is even more legit because there is a World Series of RPS.  But the main body that monitors leagues and tournaments is The World Rock Paper Scissors Society.  Don’t believe me again?  Google it!  I know how to do research and I did it!

When I was doing my “research” I saw so many ways I could go with my decision.  Each sport has it’s own attraction for me.  I grew up playing RPS on the school bus every morning on the way to school.  My buddy Dan and I got so into the game we created so many different weapons we had to write them down with the symbol that we created for the weapon.  I think we even created a gesture for a bomb that beat all but could only be used once a day.  I loved the bus ride in to school.  That is, until we made that turn into the unloading zone for school.  But for that 40 min before we reached that point I had no care in the world but what my buddy Dan was going to gesture next in our extended version of RPS.

I was never good at thumb wrestling when I was little.  Well the actual wrestling part that is, I’ll explain later.  I had small hands.  Which was only good for making things look larger than they really are… 🙂  I didn’t really have my growth spurt until my sophomore year in high school.  At that point I became a bit larger than everyone else.  Anyway, I did have a super power that did help stall the TW match until the school bell rang for change of class.  My super power was that I could dislocate my thumbs and cock them back so that they could not be reached.  I can also bend both of my thumbs backwards and touch my wrist……..Weird, I know!  I have autographed pictures of myself showing off my champion thumb.  If you want one, send me a SASE and I’ll ship one out to ya.

So now that you have a brief history of my association with these sports, and they are sports!  Hey!  If ESPN can advertise poker as a sport and broadcast it on their network I can sure as crap call these two time honored pass-times a sport on my blog!

It is now time for me to pick a sport and give you some of the pros and cons…

I am going with RPS!  At my age I am more into the non-contact sports.  That is, more of not holding another adults hand and playing thumbsies.  I also am more aware of the ability of contracting another’s cooties and getting swine flu, typhoid or whatever they may have lingering on their hands.

Probably the best thing about RPS in this day and age is that we can play the game in real time from across the world through video chat on a computer or our smart phones.  Yes, I know there are video games for both of these but there is nothing like the real thing.

With RPS the rules are pretty straight forward, my gesture either beats yours or not.  With TW there are so many technical aspects.  Did the person really do the 3 count legal before the start or did he jump the 3 count to get an unfair advantage?  I guess that is why there are sanctioned events with refs to figure that stuff out.

Oh and have you ever played TW with someone that has sharp nails?  It’s like playing with Freddie Kruger or Wolverine.  There has to be a rule against that…..I would think.

You aint got nothing on me Hugh Jackman!  If that is your real name.

And for you geeks out there, yes, I know Wolverine does not have a thingymabobber shooting out of his thumb.  It’s for effect and you just ruined it!

A side note: Did you all hear Hugh admit to doing a party pump before scenes like this pic so he could look all jacked for the camera?  Sorry Hugh, not all of us can naturally look like me.  But I guess you gotta do what ya gotta do.

So there you have it folks.  I picked Rock Paper Scissors over Thumb Wrestling.

How about you?

Which one do you prefer and why?

If you don’t care for either, do you have a similar game you enjoy? (and don’t say Jacks or Tiddly Winks that’s not similar)

And to round out your day, I give you some words of……..well, I guess wisdom:

Go to bed with an itchy bum, wake up with a stinky finger!

And finally I leave you with some thought provoking words:

When you say the word poop, your mouth makes the same shape as your butt hole does.  The same can be said for explosive diarrhea!

I bet you will try saying those words in slow motion too won’t ya? 🙂

As always, Thanks for reading!

Oh yeah, one last thing….this was my 50th post!

Debate of the Week #7





It must be Friday because it’s time to drop your socks and grab your tux again for Big Mike’s Debate of the Week!

Sorry I haven’t been writing but I am still trying to get used to mixing life and a job again.  To recap the last Debate of the week I asked you how you like your holiday vacation days.  You had a choice of taking the day off on Friday or on the usually given, Monday.

I didn’t get many responses to this one but I did have one say they liked their Fridays off just like me.  And the other response was an everyday being an off day is preferable.  I agree with both but I am loving my job and at this point, really don’t want a day off.  Whaa?!?  Well, on my days off I have a honey-do list so long I might as well be at work!  It’s funny because I don’t think I had this many things to do while I was unemployed.  Lucky me still has 2 items left from my last honey-do list.  I can’t wait to get my next one…

But hey, guess what…..It’s time for this weeks Debate of the Week!

Today’s topic is one that has always made me weigh the differences between their benefits.  I’m talkin about the good ole debate between what is better, a shower or a bath?

There is so much to try and get into this topic so let’s see where it takes us. I guess I should start off by picking one to discuss first.

The Bath

This is definitely the oldest ways (of the two) we use to become clean and fresh smelling to face the general population.  I can remember that when I would spend nights at either of my grandparent’s houses (when I was younger) that baths were the method of choice by them to have me get clean.  But I never understood why they both made me take them at night.  I always thought the best method was doing the cleaning ritual in the morning so you feel refreshed.  I could be wrong but I don’t think I am.

So yeah, I was brought up on taking baths.  But after a while I started to despise them.  I began to question not only the time of day to take them but the ability of being “clean” while taking one.  The way I was taught was to wash from head down to toes.  Then submerge in the water or use a cup to rinse off.  But it was with the same water I have been sitting in with my dirty ass and soaping up the whole time.  Didn’t make sense.

Then I want you to take into account the old saying, “Don’t throw the baby out with the bath water!”  This came from the olden days when baths were only taken once in a blue moon and the men got to bath first from the most important to the least, then the women got to go in and this was all done by age as well.  So the last to get a bath was the poor baby.  I can just imagine by that time, the water was similar in color to freshly made weak coffee or tea with a little active bubbling.  I just got the shivers…..I need a shower just thinking of that!

Speaking of showers, let’s talk about those next.

The Shower

For me showers are great!  You can get in and get out as fast as you can once the water gets to the desired temperature.  There is no waiting for a tub to get filled or that frank and beans shrinking cold surprise that the water lost it’s temperature once you get in.

As most of you know I have my Axe Thai Massage soap I use which is great for the shower setting.  But the shower is very user friendly for any type of soap you wish to use as well as shampoo and conditioner if you have hair (on your head).  All the while the water temp stays the same for the entire process, unless someone flushes the toilet while you’re in the shower.  EEEEK!

Now I know each mode of cleaning has their weaknesses.  Especially if you are the one that keeps your house clean and dry.  The bath offers a free for all water escape over the side of the tub.  This could be a potential hazardous to your health if you are married to Big Mike’s World’s good friend/follower The Life of Jamie.  She encounters this type of problem but with the shower setting.  Her hubby likes to jump out of the shower nice and wet and stand on the decorative mats and soak them while drying off.  But that is just a slacking of the house rules.  The real problem that could come from a shower is if you don’t get that good curtain seal with the walls at the front and back of the tub.  That is usually the first thing I contend with once I jump in.  Get that curtain sticking to the wall before proceeding with the shower.

Ok, so I think that is enough of a debate for me to say I am for a shower, all the way.  The only way I would take a bath is if I needed to soak my butt to get rid of the cooties.

But before I end this segment of the Debate of the Week, I want to ask you one other thing that is related to this topic.  How, if you do, do you take a shower?  I go by the 5 points of clean rule when I’m in a hurry.  And to be in a hurry I need to be in the state of mind of Oh ish I’m gonna be late for such and such….

What’s my 5 points of clean rule?  I consider myself clean after the 5 major points of stink are cleaned.  Well, what are the 5 major points of stink, Mike?  Well that’s easy…..Hair, face, armpits,crotch, and a$$!  If you are able to “de-funktify” those 5 areas, you are considered by Big Mike to be clean enough to be social that day.  Horrible?  Maybe….but sometimes you only have time to do the necessities!

So what is your preferred cleaning ritual? Bath or Shower or do you just skip it all together and just spray yourself down with cologne or perfume?  And lastly, do you use Big Mike’s 5 points of clean rule?

Debate Of The Week #6

It must be Friday because it’s time to drop your socks and grab your tux again for Big Mike’s Debate of the Week! Wait Wait Wait!  It’s not Friday, it’s Wednesday!

Well, sorry I missed last week but life happens.  And this week I will be in Chi-Town for Easter.  I just wanted to get you a little something to hold you over for the holiday until I get back.

Two weeks ago I asked you, if you had a choice of the following which one would it be and why?  A Blood Lusting Zombie, A normal Run of The Mill Vampire, A Bad Ass Throat Ripping Werewolf, or The Last Human on Earth.

Many of you surprised me by wanting to face the world as The Last Human on Earth.  I’m not sure I have a strong enough mental state to do that.  Plus I would want to try being something I was not before I leave this world.  I’m adventurous that way.  So for those who chose to be the human, remember I gave you the choice to be something different when I show up at your door or cave or wherever as the Bad Ass Throat Ripping Werewolf.

On to the Debate Of The Week!

Wooo Hooo, we are coming up to a bunch of Federally recognized holidays.  Alright, so we really aren’t but that statement makes this post work.  Cut me some slack here.

So back to the glory I intended.  Yeah!  Free days off from work.  That is if you are employed.  Which I can happily say I will be as of Monday April 9.

So here is the Debate of the week.  If you could choose the day that holidays are recognized what day would that be?  Let me clarify.

Here is a list of 2012 US Federally recognized holidays.

Monday, January 2 New Year’s Day
Monday, January 16 Birthday of Martin Luther King, Jr.
Monday, February 20 Washington’s Birthday
Monday, May 28 Memorial Day
Wednesday, July 4 Independence Day
Monday, September 3 Labor Day
Monday, October 8 Columbus Day
Monday, November 12 Veterans Day
Thursday, November 22 Thanksgiving Day
Tuesday, December 25 Christmas Day

Now you can see that most industries’ employees get the benefit of usually getting the day after a weekend off (unless you are in retail or other service type industry).

So here is my clarification to the question.

Now that you can see the days that the holidays fall on, is this the ideal day off for you?  Or would you rather your place of employment give you Fridays off instead of the Federally accepted Monday off?  Another way to look at what I’m asking is; would you rather have the long weekend start on a Friday and end on a Sunday or begin on a Saturday and end on Monday?

Does that make sense?  Too bad if it doesn’t.  Go back to work then if you want to nit pick.  No Holidays For You!  And you have to pay extra for bread!

I view holidays like the back of your head if you had a mullet.  You know, business in the front, party in the back.

For me the decision is null right now since I’m technically unemployed until after Easter.  But I could see voting being a 50/50 split.  I guess I would prefer to only work Monday – Thursday and have the week end for me sooner (in my own little bubble this works).  But then I can see where people dread Mondays.

I say for those of you that dread Mondays, drink more coffee and deal with it.  I want my Fridays off!

I guess our system of holidays could be a little more jacked up or overwhelming.  Take for example, Japan.  They have random holidays.  About 18+ holidays.  Here is a little snippet.

My favorites were midori no hi (Greenery Day) observed at the beginning of May.  This is just to celebrate an old emperor’s love for plants.

How about kodomo no hi (Children’s Day).  On this day parents spend the day with their children, usually the boys and they go out for food and a day of fun.  It’s supposed to be about planning and nurturing the child’s future.

This one always got me, taiiku no hi (Health and Sports Day).  The day is to celebrate the opening day of the Olympics back in 1964.  Talk about extending the memory….

One last thing on Japanese holidays.  I know there are some Valentine’s Day Haterade drinkers out there, so this is for you.  They don’t just have one Valentine’s Day, they have two.  The first one is for the guy to receive gifts; actually on Valentine’s Day(14 Feb), and the other is for the woman in mid March, called White Day.  Be glad you are in the US, haters.

Alright time to reel this post back in to it’s intended purpose.

Where do you stand?  What is better? Get Friday off and go back to work Monday or Get Saturday thru Monday off and back to the grindstone on Tuesday?  Or would you like your days off at another time?

Let’s hear it.  Sound off!

One last thing for ya.  A few helpful tips for your Easter weekend:

1) If you’re getting melted chocolate all over your fingers, you’re eating it too slow!

2) If you can’t eat all of your chocolate, it can be kept in the freezer for some time.  But if you can’t eat it all, what’s wrong with you?

3) Chocolate has a lot of preservatives.  It makes you look younger.  So eat up!

4) In my world; chocolate covered raisins, cherries, oranges, and strawberries count as fruit.  So eat as much as you want.

5) If you’re trying to loose weight, try eating a chocolate egg before every meal.  This way it will suppress your appetite and therefore you will eat less during meal time.




Have a Happy Easter!

Debate Of The Week #5

It must be Friday because it’s time to drop your socks and grab your tux again for Big Mike’s Debate of the Week!

Two weeks ago I asked you who has the best french fries?  McDonald’s – Burger King – Wendy’s – Chick-fil-A – or self nominate a restaurant.  There seemed to be a mix of likes on this topic.  I think it would just be safe to say that french fries are good and as long as you can find a hot one you should enjoy it with whatever else you like.

I really enjoy doing these Debates of the Week.  I hope you are too.  Here is a topic close to my heart.  As I told you in my one post “Something To Think About” I love scary movies, specifically zombie ones.  This topic might not be for everyone but I think it would be interesting to hear from those that are not into these types of things.  You never know, you might have to make a choice such as this at some point in your life.  December 21, 2012 comes to mind……

So let’s get down and dirty.  I want to know if you had a choice of the following which one would it be and why?

1) A Blood Lusting Zombie









2) A normal Run of The Mill Vampire (and not a sparkly one from the Twilight series)









3) A Bad Ass Throat Ripping Werewolf









4) The Last Human on Earth








For me the first 3 are tough to choose from.  They all have their pros and cons.  But out of them all I’m leaning toward the Bad Ass Werewolf.  Here are my reasons:


The Zombie has it’s weaknesses.  It would eventually decay even though it is already dead.  I don’t see any life force that keeps it alive except the constant consumption of humans and animals.  And there are only so many humans to go around.  Unless you watch the AMC show The Walking Dead.  The only thing that works is the tried and true method of shooting them in the head.  Other than that, those damn things don’t seem to have a weakness.  Oh of course you could drop them in a well or lock them in a barn.  I guess that would make them stupid creatures.  Plus with my luck I would be a slow mover zombie.  That makes it a bad choice for me.


The Vampire, again has it’s weaknesses.  What if all the humans are gone then they are left with cannibalism or whatever it is called for them.  Then you have vampires going after vampires. Or even worse you’re left with sucking on a cow or pig. That is just not a good thing, all that cholesterol.  Your main weakness will be the only other thing that can really kill you, a werewolf.  Plus all that biting and flying around, just not for me.  I like to be on the ground (I’m afraid of heights).  Vampires are another bad choice for me.


Then there is the Last Human.  Ugh, need I say more?  I guess it would be OK for a week but then what?  I would get bored because of no Facebook updates or Twitter comments to read.  And have you ever tried playing Words With Friends by yourself?  You can’t!  It’s in the name.  You’re left with setting up and talking to manikins like Will Smith in I am Legend.  I guess if you’re a guy the best thing would be that you don’t have to put the toilet seat down anymore.  The human has way too many cons.  If your not a doctor or nurse you’re screwed.  Might as well wrap yourself in bubble wrap and sit in a corner so nothing happens to you.  But then you might pop all the bubble wrap out of boredom.   Now you’re really screwed.  Have fun with that life.  Next!


So that leaves me with the Werewolf.  I would be the tricky bastard that changes from human form to a hairy beast (not much of a change except for the head hair).  That means I’ll have hair again (Hells yeah!).  I would also have some kick ass nails that would be great for back scratches.  I guess I really don’t need to go much further than that.  Plus who or what is gonna mess with a werewolf, Van Helsing?  Bring it buddy!

Now it’s your turn.  Which one will it be for you and why………

Do you remember the rules for the Debate of the Week?  If not check them out Here.

Enjoy your weekend!  I know I will…..It’s my birthday on Sunday!

Debate Of The Week #4

It must be Friday because it’s time to drop your socks and grab your tux again for Big Mike’s Debate of the Week!

Last week I asked you which was better: Cats or Dogs?

And the results are in!

The Dogs have it!  All but one of your votes went to the doggies.  I think the take away from this is that dogs are awesome.  Not much else to say about the matter.  As for the one cat lover, we still love you at Big Mike’s World.  You just have love for the wrong pet in my opinion.  I guess it’s because I’m not into having my face scratched off in the middle of the night because a feisty feline is hopped up on cat nip and pissed off at me for getting the wrong kitty littler.  Good luck with that!  Let me know how that works out for ya…… 🙂

On to the new Debate Of The Week!

This week I will go a little harder on you.  I think it is safe to say that just about everyone that reads my blog has gone to a fast food joint at one point in their life.  Right?  I can remember the days when my grandparents would bring me to McDonald’s.  It was a big deal too.  Not everyone got to go with Grandma and Pap-Pap.  Well, at least as much as I did.  I always looked forward to that cheeseburger Happy Meal!  Once in a while I would mix it up and get the deep fried breaded chicken circles with BBQ dipping sauce.  I still don’t know what part of the chicken it comes from or even if it is chicken.  I’m not sure I want to know either.

But what never changed in my decision were the french fries!  Oh the golden crunchy goodness of fried potatoes cut into sticks.  I like them french fried potaters! (said in my best Slingblade impersonation).  Oh, the memories of the Happy Meal Daze.  The toys were so unsafe too weren’t they?  I can just imagine how much lead paint and plastic pieces I ingested from those things.  Geez! If you haven’t been following, I was a fat kid and didn’t know when and what to stop eating.  So the toys were fair game too.  They smelled like plastic french fries and occasionally had salt on them….

But what we are talking about here is my love of them there french fries.  Long ones, skinny ones, fat ones, short ones. They are all a little different from restaurant to restaurant.  I think McDonald’s rued the day I found out about Wendy’s or Burger King.  Oh boy, Wendy’s french fries.  They are so saltylicious!  I just made that up.  I did.  Just now.  Right then and there.  Remember that peeps, saltylicious!

Anyway; for me, great memories aside, I would have to say that Wendy’s and McDonald’s dropped down to the bottom in the french fry race.  And I want to say that they were much better before the fryer oil changes and sea salt versions.  They are OK but I want the old versions back.  The cut was perfect, rectangular like.  Perfect for catching the right amount of salt and great as a ketchup scraper.  Yes, that’s right, I said ketchup not catsup.  I’m from the East Coast and I’m a Heinz man.  There are no other products that compare.  But that is not the debate here, sorry.

I like Burger King’s fries but not as much as Wendy’s.  BK’s fries can be eaten without ketchup because of that flavor coating on there.  Not so great for me.  It just doesn’t meet the requirements of the perfect fry.  And have any of you been to a Steak ‘n Shake?  Great milk shakes but horrible little bits of potato they call french fries.

So what is my requirements of a perfect fry?  Must have the right amount of salt, crunch with a soft pillowy center.  It must be able to scrape a good amount of ketchup or scoop if using more than 1 and hold out long enough to make it to my pie hole.  It must also compliment the sammich I’m inhaling too.  Yes, I said sammich.  A sammich is much better than a sandwich.  Trust me, I’m right.  I wouldn’t lie to you.  If you don’t believe me, just look it up.

My Choice:

Drum roll please…….The best french fries are found at…….Chick-fil-A!  Oh, I know.  I threw you a curve ball there.  Waffle fries weren’t discussed.  But they are french fries.  And they are so good.  Look at them.  They dwarf the normal french fry.  It’s like a fry on roids!

I think you get where my vote is going…..yup, that’s right, Chick-fil-A!

How about you?

Who has the best french fries?  McDonald’s – Burger King – Wendy’s – Chick-fil-A – or self nominate a restaurant

How did you come to your conclusion?  What were the requirements for your best french fry?  Do you use any condiments with them?  (Ketchup, mayonnaise, milkshake, mustard, hot sauce, ranch dressing, etc)

Do you remember the rules for the Debate of the Week?  If not check them out Here.

Enjoy your weekend!

Debate Of The Week #3

It must be Friday because it’s time to drop your socks and grab your tux again for the Debate of the Week!

Last week I asked you which was better:  Bald head or Hair

Survey Says: (Ding!) Hair!  Not much was learned except that Chrystalyn @ The Future Of Hope likes enough hair on a head to pull.  You can take that however you want. 🙂

So on to the third Debate of the Week!  This week is going to be an easy one, kinda.  At least I hope it is.  I’m trying to get more of you to participate.

Your choices this week are Cats or Dogs.  It’s a fairly straight forward question, which is better?

To me this is a no contest.  Dogs win my vote and if you vote for cats I will just delete your comment.  Just kidding.  Really!  Just kidding.  Your vote will count as much as it would if this were a national election for president.  No hanging chads, I promise.  And I’m not easily bought.  So if you really want me to cheat the vote, you better come at me big or go home (I like whiskey and back scratches).

So here are the X’s and O’s of my decision.

Pro’s for the Dogs

  1. I have only had dogs
  2. I have never had cats
  3. I don’t ever plan on having cats
  4. Dogs potty outside
  5. Dogs are always glad to see you no  matter how long you have been gone
  6. They’re so damn cute!
  7. Dogs would fight for you (not in a Michael Vick way)
  8. You can teach a dog tricks (like get beer from a fridge)
  9. Dogs openly show affection (I get more kisses from my dogs than my wife)
  10. They’re not cats!

Con’s for Cats

  1. I have only had dogs
  2. I have never had cats
  3. I don’t ever plan on having cats
  4. Kitty litter stinks
  5. Cats don’t like humans, get over it!
  6. Cats will actually tell you to F off
  7. You can’t teach a cat ish!  And they will tell you to F off if you try
  8. Cats openly use narcotics (cat nip) and they won’t share
  9. Hairballs!!
  10. They rip the ish out of everything
  11. Do I seriously need to go on?  Look at that damn thing!!

Now, you might say I am just super biased towards dogs because I have them.  And you would be right.  But here is a short story to back my reasoning.

My sister-in-law has had cats.  They liked me…..from afar (while I was awake).  I remember I fell asleep in her living room and the cat was perched on the mantle above the fireplace watching me.  I was woken by a strange feeling.  The damn thing was licking my fingers then started to chew on my right index finger.  By the time I woke it was back up on the mantle.  I fell back asleep and minutes later I was woken again but with the feeling of someone rubbing wet sandpaper on my head.  The damn thing was licking my head!  And it was purring.  Man, I was creeped out.  WTH purrs (and sounds like the Predator) while licking a human head?  Needless to say I kept my eye on that thing the whole time I was there.  It had a decent mind game going with me.  Where is Arnold when you need him?

So there you have it!  Dogs are awesome.

Where do you stand on this issue?  What is better, Cats or Dogs?

What animals did you grow up with?  If you have a pet what species is it?

My parting words to you: You better cut the pizza in four pieces because you might not be hungry enough to eat six.

Thanks for reading.  Enjoy your weekend!

Debate Of The Week #2

It must be Friday because it’s time to drop your socks and grab your tux for the Debate of the Week!

Last week I asked you which was better: Your options are Wine – Beer – Spirits/Alcohol

And the results are in!

What we learned is that there really is no consensus of the ultimate drink.  Although, this method was not done according to the scientific method, the results were still impressive.  Most of us seem to like a little of everything.  There were some great new drinks shared with me and I thank you for that.  So one week later, there is no clear winner.  I’m still not disappointed in the outcome.  I think as this weekly segment grows, more of you will participate and we will get better results in the future.

On to the new Debate Of The Week!

(Phone rings) Hello, my name is Baldy McBaldrick.  I am bald.  Are you bald too?  Would you like to go out and do bald things?

I’m bald(ing).  Shaved bald by choice.  I shave my legs too.  But that is a discussion for another time.  Guys I know its a war out there.  Your hair is retreating and your forehead is advancing.  And  there are no reinforcements coming.

I can’t stand those guys that have those 3 long hairs and comb them over from ear to ear and think they still have a full head of hair.  WTH!  Get over yourself!  You’re Bald!  It’s over!  Better yet, you see some people with a dead creature sutured or glued to their bald spot (which is usually the majority of their head) walking around like they are fooling someone.  Dude, your sides are salt and pepper and the top is reddish brown.  Not working for ya!  Shave the porn stash, lose the pilot sunglasses, get rid of the Members Only jacket and join us in the 21st century.

But seriously, back to the Debate of the Week, Hair. Bald is sexy, women!  Admit it…..come on, admit it.  I’m sexy and I know it!  I work out….. (that song was made for me. I know this to be true cause I just said it)  Can I get a wiggle wiggle wiggle?

I guess I am just choosing to go with what I was dealt.  I used to have long flowing hair when I was 18.  I wanted to be a grunge band guitarist.  I was close to my dream.  I played guitar in my fraternity’s house band.  And I had long hair, torn jeans and screamed a lot of nonsense.  Oh how I loved my long hair.  Chicks dug it.  Other guys were envious.  It also didn’t hurt that I played lacrosse in college too, which added to the groupies.  The only thing I was missing was some ink.

So what is my ideal hairstyle?  Right now I love my baldness.  It is so easy to just jump out of bed or get up from a nap and not worry if I look like Cameron Diaz in “There’s Something About Mary.”  But yet I do miss my hair, a little.  I know my wife does.  She begged me to try every product out there to grow it back.  Not happening honey!  Homey don’t play that…  So that leaves me with either a really close buzz or razor shave.  Sometimes it does suck when I work out and I have that 2 day stubble working and my towel sticks to my head.  But I deal with it.  It’s still better than looking like that -> -> ->

What hair styles do I like on other people?  Oh wow.  At the risk of my own life or limb (and you all know which one I could lose), cause my wife reads this, I like a few different kinds.  I like blonde curly, short (chin length) black, and red of any length (grrrr).  (These only pertain to women, I don’t care what guys have)

OK, so enough about me being follicley challenged.  Here is your part of the debate.  It is in 3 parts.  Pay attention!  Yes, you…..

Part 1

Bald, Balding (lets call this the Friar Tuck) or Well Groomed Hair…..which one is best?

Part 2

Hey I put myself out there, it’s your turn!  What is the topping that you consider sexy?  None (like me :-)) – Long flowing hair – Short locks with a little spike to it – A curly bounce – anything with color is good with me (pink, blue, anything not natural) – or your own write in.

Part 3

If you could hex a person,would it be with a bad hair style, what would it be and why?  (It better not be bald, cause that is just mean :-()

Do you remember the rules for the Debate of the Week?  If not check them out Here.

Now get typing……

Enjoy your weekend!

Debate Of The Week

Since I have been struggling with finishing the stories I have already started, I figured why not start another one.  I will make Fridays, “The Debate of the Week” day.  I want this to be an interactive type of post so that I can learn more about my readers.  That, and hopefully pull more people into conversations that normally just click and read and not comment (like me). 🙂

The Rules:

1) Simply post a comment as to which is your choice with 1 or 2 reasons why or answer the questions I give you

2) If you are split in your decision still try and choose just 1 option

3) That’s it!  It is that simple!  And the next Friday I will talk about the results before the next Debate.

So here we go!

The Debate (What’s better?)

In the spirit of tomorrow, Saturday 18 Feb being marked National Drink Wine Day, drinking will be the first topic to tackle!  Woo Hoo!  Like our society needs yet another reason to drink, right?  But hey, everything in moderation is OK.  At least in my world or what “They” say is good for me.  The list of benefits for drinking wine seems to grow every year. A glass of wine a day has been shown to improve heart health, reduce forgetfulness, help you lose weight, boost your immunity, and help prevent bone loss.  Sounds like a magical cure for all things bad, right?  But I’m a little skeptical on the “They” say it is good for you.  Who is “They?”  OK, forget about the “They” thing.  I just wanted you to get that brain chugging (pun intended).

I’m an Italian.  So I should like wine.  It’s in my bloodline.  But I just can’t drink the stuff.  It gives me headaches and sometimes leads to the almighty migraine.  I just can’t figure it out.  I felt so left out at family meals during the holidays when everyone would be drinking the homemade deliciousness.  Oh well!  I would drink my glass of water and press on.

Like I stated in my one post These Buds Are For Me, I do like beer but of the dark porter or stout type. The less I can see through the beer the better for me.  I also like some alcohol.  I’m a whiskey guy.  I can remember back in college I would hide a bottle of Jack in that wardrobe thingy closet in my room.  My drink of choice was whiskey sours but then at fraternity parties I would partake in many other types.  I really liked Kamikazes and gin-juice.  I can also remember a few blurry nights of Mad Dog 20/20 with a few keg stands.  So enough about me and what I like.

How about you? 

Your options are Wine – Beer – Spirits/Alcohol

Are you a wine, beer or mixed or straight spirit/alcohol drinker?

If you drink wine is it the hype of the benefits that keep you drinking it?

If you are a beer drinker what brand is “yours” or what kind do you like?  Do you like wine too?

Spirit drinker?  What’s your drink of choice and why do you drink spirits and not wine or beer?

Enjoy your weekend!