The Long Road Back

What’s been going on with Big Mike?  Well that is a loaded question….

Some of you may remember back towards the end of the summer, The Life Of Jamie caused me to break my ankle.  I still say she put that rock under my foot to make me fall. I still won the competition though……

Anyway, I tried to use my ankle the way it was after I gave it time to heal but didn’t like how it was coming a long.

I just completed physical therapy on my ankle, YAY!  It is not what it used to be but there was not much else the therapist could do to bring me along.  Outside of the normal movement therapy and electrical stimulus, she utilized this weird new thing I have never heard of, ASTYM.  Basically its a tool assisted tissue massage.  It was great in the ending weeks of my treatment.  I think it really helped.  My only drawback to having this done was that I have very sensitive feet.  So when the tools had to be dragged across the sole of my foot… wasn’t pretty.  But I’m still glad I had it done.  Currently I’m still waiting for the perfect day to road test my healed paw.

Of course after my therapy ended I got really sick again.  Stupid stomach virus, the Norovirus.  After a week of that nonsense and losing 15 lbs I am now in physical therapy for my neck.  Yup, it’s bothering me again.  I’m going down the list of things I can do for it besides surgery.  Unfortunately, surgery is the next and last thing on this list.  I, we, all know this therapy won’t cure my ailing neck but so far it has loosened my neck muscles as well as my pectorals which is causing a more relaxed sensation in the damaged area.  The stretches and movements I’m doing make it seem as if I’ve never used my neck properly to begin with.  I’m happy with the results so far……

After therapy today I went to the store and bought myself a juicer!  Mmmmmmmm goodness!  My first concoction was a pear, lime and lemon juice.  Wow, was it amazing!  Tomorrow I have a carrot, apple, parsley, spinach juice on tap.

Who’s a juicer out there?  Share some of your favorite ingredient combos with me please.  I am hooked on the juice.


The End Of The Bloggymabobber Weight Loss Challenge

I am usually one to write and allow you to stew in the juice of anticipation of climax to my story.  But today I just don’t have it in me to do that to you.

As many of you know, those that read my blog (not sure who else I am writing to….if you don’t read my blog I have no other way to reach you) that Jamie @ The Life of Jamie and I entered into a gentleman’s agreement (at least on my part it was) to see who could lose the most body weight by the end of July.

My adventure has been somewhat up and down, mostly down.  Yes, I did lose weight but not to max ability.  Jamie traveled all the way from Jamie-ville and planted a rock in my running path that caused me to break my ankle.  This happened in the infancy of our challenge.  I never had the chance to “Get at it” like I wanted.  I had big plans and high hopes that this challenge would help in my pursuit of prime conditioning for the half marathon and duathalon I had planned on entering.

Sometimes my little jockey gets confused and jumps on the back of random stray dogs.

As you read about my journey trying to lose weight with a broken ankle I hopefully painted a picture of a guy that wouldn’t go down easily.  Let me tell you, I used a lot of paint trying to create that picture.  Every step with this broken ankle was like someone hitting me with a bag of horseshoes.  At least now I only have a small jockey sitting on my back hitting me with a riding crop in the ankle.  And if you don’t get my analogies, I put on a brave face, it hurt and still hurts… 😦

I think I still have a good 2 weeks before I’m at full capacity.  But I have a new pair of Brooks Adrenaline GTS 12 running shoes set to arrive on Wednesday!!!!  We’ll see if I can keep them in the box until I heal to 100% or if I feel the need to take them out for diner and a movie.  And by diner and a movie I mean a nice long run.

Ok, well this isn’t about what I am going to do or what I wanted to do.  This post is about what I did and what I accomplished.  Which wasn’t much.  So here is my final weight….(hold the snickers and giggles)

You better not be laughing at my yellow socks. These have a great compression that let my legs go Ahhhhhh!

So where does this leave us?  I started at 229 pounds (that’s a lot of weight but I make it look good) down to 225.6 pounds.  I will take the loss that I achieved since the ankle hindered my ability to do any type of cardio.

What about the final tape?  Ugh, alright I will go and tape myself….hold on!

 11-Jun-12 Right Left
 body measurment Bicep 16 15 3/4
Quad 25 25
Calf 17 16 1/2
Neck 16 1/2
Chest 47
Waist 40
31-Jul-12 Right Left
body   measurment Bicep 16 1/4 16
Quad 26 26
Calf 17 16 1/2
Neck 17
Chest 47 1/2
Waist 38

So it looks like the push ups and pull ups I was able to still do did their job and gained me some size in the chest and neck.  And setting up my bike on an indoor trainer and ride along with the pros during le Tour de France worked for my thighs too!

I would post an after picture but I’m dead tired right now and my allergies are kicking my ass.  You don’t want to see my red puffy eyes and drippy nose anyway.

I know Jamie originally posted that her goal was to lose about 6 pounds which meant I had to lose 10 to match her.  I am not sure where she fell in with her total goal but I know I sure didn’t hit mine.

If you win Jamie, I bow to your superiority.  You have total control of Big Mike’s World for the week.  If you wish to take me on with all of my paws in working order we can take this on again in a few weeks.  This would have been more fun with two working legs but you know, it is what it is….

Thanks for the challenge!

Fat & Happy

So it’s Saturday and time for me to take the walk of the deep end onto the scale.  If I can just say this, I really hate Saturdays.  Not because it symbolizes the first day of the end of the work week (cause we all love our jobs, right?) but because for at least the next week or so I have to show the boggymabobber world on this magic cord called the inter webz the weight of my fat ass.

So here ya go, have your good laugh….

I’m holding a keg of beer in one hand and a dozen doughnuts in the other. You figure out how I took the picture.

Oh wait!  I didn’t gain weight….

I must be honest here.  I really was dreading this weigh in.  Not because I just blew off the last weigh in and had no idea if I lost or gained but because the past 2 nights I have been playing softball (Yeah, my ankle is still on the mends).  We all know what happens when one plays softball, right?  One drinks an absorbent amount of beer.  You know, to hydrate!  That Gatorade stuff is only hype.  Beer has more natural ingredients than Gatorade.  That’s my story and I’m sticking to it!

So now that I have tested my ankle out and successfully not re-injure it in two nights of running, jumping, diving and swearing…..I’m gonna put some effort into losing some weight in this last week of the Bloggymabobber Weight Loss Championship Challenge.

I may not win this challenge but the fact that my ankle has held up and I was still able to lose some weight, I feel like this little guy….

They said I couldn’t do it. But I tried and tried and tried and finally caught my tail!

Until next time peeps…….Live long and prosper!  \\\//



Hurry Up And Weight

Well, it’s Sunday and I obviously didn’t post my Saturday weight report for the Weight Loss Bloggymabobber Challenge……and that is because I just didn’t want to!  It was more like I chose to spend the last whole day I had with my wife before I saw her off on her 1 year deployment, today.  So I hope you accept my excuse, if not, then tough noogies!

Either way, there is not much to report.  I did gain weight but that is more because of me not being allowed to do anything.  All this weight seemed to hit me in one day. And before you start doing the Happy Happy Joy Joy dance, Jamie……..let me tell you my gains.

6 POUNDS!!!!!!!!!

And in this picture you will see my 6 pound gain was all on one leg.  So HA, Jamie!  Not so fast with your cheering and celebration.

The instruction pamphlet says it’s about 6 pounds but after standing for 5 hours with it on it feels like 20 pounds

To all of my Bloggy Friends…thanks for your well wishes.  Things are getting better.  I can feel all the little medical gremlins magically gluing my tendon back to it’s original position on my ankle.  Only 4 more weeks with this stupid boot and I can do some rehab.  Let’s just see how long I can follow orders.  This boot might have to go MUCH sooner.

I did go back to work today, finally.  Now that I have my moon boot, I can stand without putting all my weight on my ankle which is supposedly bad for a broken ankle.  But I think I will give the docs here another week to solidify their conclusion that it truly is a break and not change their minds yet again.  Who knows…I could just be a hang nail.

The Weekend Weight Loss Update

So here we are 3 or so weeks into the Blogthingamabobber Weight Loss Challenge.  Miss Jamie posted her results for the week HERE.  I’m not one for kicking someone while they are down.  So I won’t giggle or snicker or say Heheehee about her disappointing week.  She was kind to me when she had a good week and I was on the ground reeling from a broken ankle.

So where am I for this week?

Damn it hurts to stand on this freakin thing!

I have a Large Stuffed Crust pepperoni Pizza with me…and I’m naked!  I’ll let you figure out how I’m holding the pizza!

Not sure how I am still losing weight when I only worked out one day this week.  And that was the day before the doc told me I had a broken ankle.  Like right now I’m just layin here sippin on some green matcha tea.

I know I’m getting smaller or tighter, however you want to view my progress.  Just last week I ditched my size 38 jeans for a better fitting size 36 and they’re loose. That’s one reason this broken ankle is so frustrating!  I want to continue that progress…..

Anyway, before I go all nuts and want to do more of what I can’t do physically, I’m down a total of 2.2 pounds from day 1.  And that is without really doing anything.

Don’t forget to stop by Jamie’s and give her a shout of encouragement.

Before I leave I wanted to give you an update on my ankle.  I tried to take a nap yesterday with my leg elevated and I started to fall asleep and twitched…….Holy Snikies!

It felt like this lady paid me a visit.

Shame on you if you don’t know Kathy Bates played Annie Wilkes in the movie Misery

and it felt like she did this…..

Same ankle too!

Talk to y’all later!  Keep doin what ya do……

And The Doctor Said……

One week later after I did my random gravity check on the road……

Doctor So&So, “We have reviewed your x-rays and we have come to the conclusion that your ankle is BROKEN! An avulsion fracture to be technical.”

Hey, you!  Stop looking up avulsion fracture in your google machine!  I was gonna tell you what it was.  Now you’re just gonna have to wait….. back to my story.

I was like, “You’re freakin kidding me, right?  I have been going to work and walking on this damn thing since Monday cause your orders were to stay off it for approx 3 days.”

Well, it turns out this isn’t something I can just put a lime in the coconut and drink it all up to be better.  I’m looking at an eight week healing process then rehab.  Well, for me rehab will be putting my shoes back on and finding that rock and kicking it’s ass!

The lump is not as visible yet…still a lot of swelling.

So anyway, I have another appointment next Friday for them to give me a walking boot.  For now I have this plastic brace they gave me that pushes in on the one spot that hurts so bad I want to cry when it is touched.

Oh, yeah, you want to know what an avulsion fracture is don’t you?  OK, so here is the simple and least gross description.  An avulsion fracture is when a ligament or tendon is ripped from the bone and pulls a piece of the bone off with it.  Sounds harmless enough but it also comes with a huge deformed lump that sits on the side of my ankle.  And my foot is turning all kinds of pretty colors.

So if you haven’t figured out by now, I’m very depressed about this situation.  All that running and all those training rides…..wasted with no end result or race entered and concluded.

Partialy in the shadows but still workin out….I will come back stronger

The other day I got a little stir crazy and decided to do my pushup and pullup routine.  It felt good to do a little something and get the arms and back pumped up.  But I still had to hold myself up by hanging on the door frame.

I really could use some clear headed thoughts.  So I want to ask you; my friends, my readers, for some ideas on some exercise that I can do without standing or putting pressure on one leg.

Hit me up…I’m in need of some stress relief.