Debate of the Week #7





It must be Friday because it’s time to drop your socks and grab your tux again for Big Mike’s Debate of the Week!

Sorry I haven’t been writing but I am still trying to get used to mixing life and a job again.  To recap the last Debate of the week I asked you how you like your holiday vacation days.  You had a choice of taking the day off on Friday or on the usually given, Monday.

I didn’t get many responses to this one but I did have one say they liked their Fridays off just like me.  And the other response was an everyday being an off day is preferable.  I agree with both but I am loving my job and at this point, really don’t want a day off.  Whaa?!?  Well, on my days off I have a honey-do list so long I might as well be at work!  It’s funny because I don’t think I had this many things to do while I was unemployed.  Lucky me still has 2 items left from my last honey-do list.  I can’t wait to get my next one…

But hey, guess what…..It’s time for this weeks Debate of the Week!

Today’s topic is one that has always made me weigh the differences between their benefits.  I’m talkin about the good ole debate between what is better, a shower or a bath?

There is so much to try and get into this topic so let’s see where it takes us. I guess I should start off by picking one to discuss first.

The Bath

This is definitely the oldest ways (of the two) we use to become clean and fresh smelling to face the general population.  I can remember that when I would spend nights at either of my grandparent’s houses (when I was younger) that baths were the method of choice by them to have me get clean.  But I never understood why they both made me take them at night.  I always thought the best method was doing the cleaning ritual in the morning so you feel refreshed.  I could be wrong but I don’t think I am.

So yeah, I was brought up on taking baths.  But after a while I started to despise them.  I began to question not only the time of day to take them but the ability of being “clean” while taking one.  The way I was taught was to wash from head down to toes.  Then submerge in the water or use a cup to rinse off.  But it was with the same water I have been sitting in with my dirty ass and soaping up the whole time.  Didn’t make sense.

Then I want you to take into account the old saying, “Don’t throw the baby out with the bath water!”  This came from the olden days when baths were only taken once in a blue moon and the men got to bath first from the most important to the least, then the women got to go in and this was all done by age as well.  So the last to get a bath was the poor baby.  I can just imagine by that time, the water was similar in color to freshly made weak coffee or tea with a little active bubbling.  I just got the shivers…..I need a shower just thinking of that!

Speaking of showers, let’s talk about those next.

The Shower

For me showers are great!  You can get in and get out as fast as you can once the water gets to the desired temperature.  There is no waiting for a tub to get filled or that frank and beans shrinking cold surprise that the water lost it’s temperature once you get in.

As most of you know I have my Axe Thai Massage soap I use which is great for the shower setting.  But the shower is very user friendly for any type of soap you wish to use as well as shampoo and conditioner if you have hair (on your head).  All the while the water temp stays the same for the entire process, unless someone flushes the toilet while you’re in the shower.  EEEEK!

Now I know each mode of cleaning has their weaknesses.  Especially if you are the one that keeps your house clean and dry.  The bath offers a free for all water escape over the side of the tub.  This could be a potential hazardous to your health if you are married to Big Mike’s World’s good friend/follower The Life of Jamie.  She encounters this type of problem but with the shower setting.  Her hubby likes to jump out of the shower nice and wet and stand on the decorative mats and soak them while drying off.  But that is just a slacking of the house rules.  The real problem that could come from a shower is if you don’t get that good curtain seal with the walls at the front and back of the tub.  That is usually the first thing I contend with once I jump in.  Get that curtain sticking to the wall before proceeding with the shower.

Ok, so I think that is enough of a debate for me to say I am for a shower, all the way.  The only way I would take a bath is if I needed to soak my butt to get rid of the cooties.

But before I end this segment of the Debate of the Week, I want to ask you one other thing that is related to this topic.  How, if you do, do you take a shower?  I go by the 5 points of clean rule when I’m in a hurry.  And to be in a hurry I need to be in the state of mind of Oh ish I’m gonna be late for such and such….

What’s my 5 points of clean rule?  I consider myself clean after the 5 major points of stink are cleaned.  Well, what are the 5 major points of stink, Mike?  Well that’s easy…..Hair, face, armpits,crotch, and a$$!  If you are able to “de-funktify” those 5 areas, you are considered by Big Mike to be clean enough to be social that day.  Horrible?  Maybe….but sometimes you only have time to do the necessities!

So what is your preferred cleaning ritual? Bath or Shower or do you just skip it all together and just spray yourself down with cologne or perfume?  And lastly, do you use Big Mike’s 5 points of clean rule?


8 thoughts on “Debate of the Week #7

  1. Shower. I’m a (naturally) skinning thing, and the tub always hurts my hip bones, spine and neck vertebrae. Plus, something about soaking in my own dirt and dead skin cells… yuk. Plus, I prefer the get in get out and move on with the day of a shower.

  2. Shower all the way. I agree to me a bath is in the end like laying in your own funk. YUCK! (now if it is a hot tub I am so there!) and I also agree with your five points to clean. 😀 Sorry I haven’t participated in awhile… I have been sidetracked lately.

  3. As soon as my boys could stand for 5 minutes without falling and had their first FUN time at a splash park, they were showered not bathed. It is quicker, less messy, and less fuss. I am a showerer as well seeing as those 4 boys never let me get more than 10 minutes in a shower. Our quick showers are shampoo, rinse, condition, wash body, rinse whole self including hair and done. If it s the boys they have shampoo plus conditioner so skip step 1 and 2!
    With that said, baths are/ should be for relaxing and nourishment not for cleaning. Frequent baths can lead to frequent yeast and/or urinary tract infections. It can also spread any types of infections you might already have such as rashes and/or fungal infections. But, if you need to do a body scrub, or shave, or help out dry skin- baths are the way to go. Oatmeal, salts, and oil based scrubs can help with irritation, dry skin, even ingrown hairs. Bubble baths are more likely to dry your skin out and irritate your private parts.
    I could go on and on and on. I am an Aesthetician (specializes in skin care) by trade. So my answer is shower. Hands down. Unless for anything other than cleaning, but you said cleaning!

  4. What about taking an “Air Bath” or maybe a “Axe body spray shower”? Maybe I spent too much time over in Iraq? Anyways…A shower. Quick, simple, in and out.

  5. I’m generally a Shower man. As others have said, in, shampoo, soap, shower gel rinse and out. piece of cake, but I do love a good bath, especially a bubble bath which helps as i suffer from the occasional stiff joint and sore back. But I shower far more then I do bathe. On another note showers use less water too and Mike I do spend a minute of so adjusting the shower curtains properly 😀

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