Debate Of The Week

Since I have been struggling with finishing the stories I have already started, I figured why not start another one.  I will make Fridays, “The Debate of the Week” day.  I want this to be an interactive type of post so that I can learn more about my readers.  That, and hopefully pull more people into conversations that normally just click and read and not comment (like me). 🙂

The Rules:

1) Simply post a comment as to which is your choice with 1 or 2 reasons why or answer the questions I give you

2) If you are split in your decision still try and choose just 1 option

3) That’s it!  It is that simple!  And the next Friday I will talk about the results before the next Debate.

So here we go!

The Debate (What’s better?)

In the spirit of tomorrow, Saturday 18 Feb being marked National Drink Wine Day, drinking will be the first topic to tackle!  Woo Hoo!  Like our society needs yet another reason to drink, right?  But hey, everything in moderation is OK.  At least in my world or what “They” say is good for me.  The list of benefits for drinking wine seems to grow every year. A glass of wine a day has been shown to improve heart health, reduce forgetfulness, help you lose weight, boost your immunity, and help prevent bone loss.  Sounds like a magical cure for all things bad, right?  But I’m a little skeptical on the “They” say it is good for you.  Who is “They?”  OK, forget about the “They” thing.  I just wanted you to get that brain chugging (pun intended).

I’m an Italian.  So I should like wine.  It’s in my bloodline.  But I just can’t drink the stuff.  It gives me headaches and sometimes leads to the almighty migraine.  I just can’t figure it out.  I felt so left out at family meals during the holidays when everyone would be drinking the homemade deliciousness.  Oh well!  I would drink my glass of water and press on.

Like I stated in my one post These Buds Are For Me, I do like beer but of the dark porter or stout type. The less I can see through the beer the better for me.  I also like some alcohol.  I’m a whiskey guy.  I can remember back in college I would hide a bottle of Jack in that wardrobe thingy closet in my room.  My drink of choice was whiskey sours but then at fraternity parties I would partake in many other types.  I really liked Kamikazes and gin-juice.  I can also remember a few blurry nights of Mad Dog 20/20 with a few keg stands.  So enough about me and what I like.

How about you? 

Your options are Wine – Beer – Spirits/Alcohol

Are you a wine, beer or mixed or straight spirit/alcohol drinker?

If you drink wine is it the hype of the benefits that keep you drinking it?

If you are a beer drinker what brand is “yours” or what kind do you like?  Do you like wine too?

Spirit drinker?  What’s your drink of choice and why do you drink spirits and not wine or beer?

Enjoy your weekend!


16 thoughts on “Debate Of The Week

  1. I’m a vodka mix drinker, over here we call them alcopops because they look and taste like kids drinks, but with a bit of vodka in them. Saying that I havent had a drink since the early part of the year………..

    • Vodka is a good one too Peter! It’s one of those trouble spirits for me, hard to taste but hits back hard. I remember back in Japan, I was on a traveling softball team, we would go from Misawa to Tokyo (about 800 km or 500 miles for my American readers). We would take a bus and the ride lasted around 10 hours. The speed limit was 80 km/hr so that was slow enough for a bus full of guys to go through a few bottles of Grey Goose. We thought we were smart by mixing it with Gatorade. You know, hydrating at the same time 🙂 The next day was not so fun.

      • It sounds like you had some good times on that bus 🙂 and I know what you mean about the next day. My works xmas party a couple of years ago I drank a lot and the next day i was not good! lol

  2. Beer drinker, but even though I’m a big guy I’m a lightweight… three beers and I’m ripped. I rarely drink anymore, and was never huge into it.

    One new thing I like (and feel free to goof on me, since its very girly) is mixing Firefly Sweet Tea Vodka with cranberry juice and raspberry liquer… it tastes really good, and I had a dozen of them the other day and then slept for several nice hours and snored…

    • There is no such thing as a girly drink if you’re talkin alcohol, in my book. Unless what you drink makes you jump on tables and dance and scream Wooo in a high pitch voice every time someone says something you like (exception is at a concert, strip club or bachelor party). But I wouldn’t know anything about those last two…….

      Your mix sounds pretty good. Almost a different take on a Long Island Ice Tea. Those are damn good! If you’re gonna drink, might as well make it as tasty as possible.

  3. I love wine — I’m not sure if you live around STL or was just visiting but a trip to Hermann if you love wine is a great idea. Stone HIll Winery is awesome but there are others.

    But in general I will drink what is there if I am drinking. I like my bear sweeter though like a honey wheat style.

    And I HATE vodka! lol just through that in there 😀

    • I did not know that about Hermann. I will have to check it out. It is about 2 hours from my house. I’m just on the other side of STL in IL.

      For me the best thing about wine was when we lived in Cali. I would go up to Napa and ride through the wine country on my bike. One of the only places that were designed to be pedal bike friendly.

      As for wine, if I do try and drink it, the sweeter the better for me. That just means less alcohol content and a lower chance of a headache later. So I might as well drink grape juice.

      No Vodka?!? Oh well, I was just gonna offer you a jello shot too……..

    • Thank you! I’m glad this is actually working the way I planned. I love interacting with people (online or in person).

      This is a fun way to write. It’s a little editorial with a poll at the end. I just didn’t give you guys the little circle to fill in. I already have 4 more written. They just spilled out of me after I finished this one.

  4. In true redneck girl fashion, I love whiskey. I really love some Fireball. It’s easy to shoot and actually tastes pretty good. I don’t get sick like I used to with those fruity girl drinks. It’s best to pregame that stuff shots are not cheap. I usually go for Michelob Ultra not b/c I love it but b/c I’m a girl and I worry about calories.Thanks for reading my blog, and following! Have a lovely day.

    • Now that sounds good, cinnamon whiskey! I have to admit I have never tried that. But I will now. Two of my favorite things, cinnamon and whiskey. Can’t go wrong with that.

      Thank you for stopping by, leaving a comment and for reading my blog. I really enjoy your writing. I spent a few hours poking around your site last night. From the posts that I have read of yours so far, I will be coming back to read your stuff everyday.

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