Something To Think About

Hello Everyone!  Sorry for this late post but I have been fighting a migraine headache today and just can’t stare at a computer very long.  So instead of leaving you all hanging I want to share something I wrote one night when I couldn’t sleep.  It might seem a bit scattered but that is what happens when you write with insomnia.  Enjoy!

The Question

Have you ever wondered what would happen if what you believed in wasn’t real?  Now I’m not going to bring in the topic of religion because that sparks too many debates and this is not what I want to focus on in our discussion.  What I’m talking about is what we have in our possession in today’s world.  All of these great gadgets that our ancestors could never have dreamed of existing are what I’m specifically targeting.

Let’s look at the most used of our belongings, the automobile.  What if for a second you stopped believing in the process that makes the car run.  You no longer believe that fuel burns in such a way that causes an explosion that creates a chain reaction that turns all of these things in the engine that then moves all the other mechanisms in the car.  Just for a second.  Think about it.  What would happen to the reason you were in the car to begin with?  What would happen to you?  Take this a little further and imagine that because you don’t believe in the miracle of the combustion engine or any engine for that matter.  What if you believed you were smarter than your brain’s function and thought that if you didn’t drive the engine would work?  So you take a bus.  But because you don’t believe in the invention the bus won’t run either.  All because you started to ask the question, “If what makes this function, isn’t so.”

Billions of people take for granted that what we have, is supposed to be.  I hate flying and for the reason I described above.  What if all of a sudden because I questioned the whole process of flight the plane ceases to function and plummets to the ground?  Well, I guess you all would be glad because you wouldn’t have this Doubting Dan in existence and you would be able to fly again.  So let’s take this a little further.  What if because one person questions the invention, any invention and at any point in time, it will no longer be a useful instrument in our lives?  I often think of this question.  It could be because I am worried that I will wake up one day and the house I thought I was sleeping in no longer is there.  Or the TV, the computer, the radio or any of my everyday items I use is no longer there.  All because what I thought was real, really wasn’t because I no longer believed in our ability to have made such an item to work.

Everyone who reads this will probably just shrug it off and say I’m crazy.  But think about it for a second.  The most powerful thing in our lives is our brain.  What if we just have not tapped into the power of negative thought and its potential to do evil?  We see what happens when we say negative things to each other.  We see hate and dislike everyday of our lives.  We pay people in our businesses to do the statistical analysis on when things will go bad.  We always look at the negative things in life but never really talk about its effect on what is around us.  Oh yes, we do worry about how it might affect us individually but not to our entire surroundings.

I like to use movies when describing some things to people just because more people can relate to what is being discussed.  I love scary movies.  I can’t get enough of them.  I’m not sure if it is the scare or the thrill I get when the bad thing gets the stupid teenager.  But I do know that because we believe evil exists we have these themed movies.  Where did this thought even originate?   I believe it is because of negative thinking.  And negative thinking to me is a root of evil and that is why we have these movies.  Take for example zombie movies.  Someone was messed up enough to think, “Hey, what if all of a sudden the dead will no longer be dead and they will walk among us and eat us if they catch us.”  Now the genera has been taken way past the innocent black and white “oh it only happened for a night” to it is a total inhalation of the human population on earth and only a few live to suffer a lonely existence among the living dead.

We like to see the innocent get taken down.  I think here in America that is one of our favorite pastimes.  We also watch the evening news to see what horrible things happened while we were out.  We love to hear about how public figures fail and ruin their lives because of mistakes they make based on greed or lust.  And what is with this obsession with people reading the obituaries?  Don’t you think if you really cared about someone you would know if they died or not?  So why are people reading these things?  I say it’s because we want to know who we outlived.  And isn’t that a little evil?

What am I really trying to say through this whole thing?  I think I really want us as a race, and that is the human race if you are confused, to look at what we do in the world.  Look at what consequences our thoughts and actions lead to.  Negative people breed negative thoughts.  Negative thoughts lead to negative actions.  Negative actions lead others to not believe in what we have accomplished in our lives.  Think about it.

Evil rises from the ashes of the negative doings of one’s negative thoughts.


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