I am a military spouse that enjoys traveling the world and taking on our new assignments in life with my beautiful wife.  I have two Jack Russell Terriers that keep me very busy.  Because of them I need to stay fit through running, cycling, and weight training.

I have just found the love for writing and sharing my thoughts due to my current work with an incredible author.  My professional life is very limited to this point as I have received my Bachelor’s and Master’s degree later than most.  But I do enjoy reading and keeping up to date on the important topics respective to my degrees in Marketing and International Relations.

5 thoughts on “About

  1. Thanks for dropping by! I hope you can keep up your love of writing – don’t succumb to the early blog pressures of wanting to put out a post each day and so forth, as that might put you off writing later on. Set yourself reasonable goals and stick to them!

    • Writing on here is very addictive. I find that writing on here gives me ideas for stories to write later on. You know, for myself, money, or just for the practice. The only thing that I have changed so far by writing on here is that I seem to be becoming more sarcastic to life situations.

      Thank you for the follow as well. And thank you for the advice.

  2. Hi Big Mike,

    Just found you through Maggiemae, cool blog 🙂 Looking forward to reading more.

    I am enjoying reading your posts. Your dogs are awesome 🙂 and so is your debate idea – keep it up.

    Always good meeting new bloggers especially as I am a new kid on the block to! Hope you get to snuggle your wife soon.

    tataaaar for now 🙂

    • Hello Sharon!

      Thank you for stopping by. I did some poking around your site as well. I like it very much too. My dogs are pretty cool but aggravating at times too. They are so needy. 🙂 I swear Kenai only has ball! ball! ball! ball! running through his head. I can’t wait to read more of your blog. Oh boy, there are so many new blogs to read.

      It’s a fun little world we are in here.

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