Oooh! Shiny!

I think I have what is called A.D.O.S., Attention Deficit Oooh Shiny!  I attribute it to my inability of wanting to focus on something for so long.  But I am also definitely one of those people that are easily distracted by shiny objects.  Awards are shiny and they distract me.  Perfect!

Here are three (Yes, 3 of them!)  The Versatile Blogger – The T.M.I Award – The Glitter E Yaynus Award.

Ay Caramba!  I hope I can keep my focus through these.  Hey, what does this button do?

Now to my acceptance speech:

(I enter the stage) Thank you, thank you!  You are so gracious with your wondrous applause.  That makes up for the strip search.  First off, I would like to thank my nominator the wonderful, talented, deep hearted  Chrystalyn @ The Future Of Hope.   She writes my favorite blog.  There isn’t a word you could use that would not describe how awesome her blog is (flawless use of a double negative, if I may say so myself).  She writes from the heart and leaves it all out there for us to see.  I have nothing but admiration for her ability to do such writing.  Everyone needs to click on her site at least once a day, maybe twice.

I’m looking around the room and I see a lot of stars.  There is Tom Cruise, Russell Crowe, Harrison Ford, Tupac, Snoop Dog, and think I see Kanye West in the audience tonight.  Wait…whaa?  Sit Down Kanye!  Don’t you dare come up here!

I also want to take the time to recognize and thank all my stalkers out there. Also, I want to thank the Amazing Spider-man for being such a powerful force in my life.  And to the People Under the Stairs, who taught me to take life by the balls.  I couldn’t have done this without you.  I would like to thank a lot more people but frankly I do it all for the sex.

Thank you World Wide Web and thank you, Chrystalyn @ The Future Of Hope. 🙂

The Rules of the “Versatile Blogger Award” are as follows:

  1. Nominate 15 fellow bloggers. (Ummm, nope.  Too many)
  2. Inform the bloggers of their nomination. (not my fault if they don’t read my blog to find out)
  3. Share 7 random things about yourself. (sharing – read below)
  4. Thank the blogger who nominated you. (Thank You)
  5. Add the “Versatile Blogger Award” pic to your blog post. (check)

Seven Random Things About Me:

1) I don’t have a belly button. 2) I’m like the Terminator, I’m gonna keep coming after ya. 3) My very first concert I attended was Aerosmith. 4) I like ketchup. 5) After my dogs fart, my farts smell like theirs. 6) I sleep naked 7) I always misspell the word diarrhea (I had to use spell check for that)

Rules of the TMI Award:

  1. Thank the person who presented you with the award. (Thank You)
  2. Link back to the blogger who presented the award to you. (Chrystalyn @ The Future Of Hope)
  3. Share an awkward, embarrassing and intimate story in 100 words or less more. (read below, you better not laugh)
  4. Copy and paste the blog award on your blog. (check)
  5. Present the TMI Blog Award to 5 – 10 deserving blogs. (I’ll think about it)
  6. Let them know they have been chosen by leaving a comment at their blog. (Again, not my fault if they don’t read mine)

My Awkward, Embarrassing Moment:

Ok, so I know a lot of people will be reading this but I don’t care.  This is the TMI award for heaven’s sake!  I was in a fraternity when I first went to college back in ’94, Alpha Pi Lambda (Apple Pie).  On the night we were accepted into the house as Brothers, there was a huge party.  Big surprise, right?  Well the new Brothers had to do naked beer slides.  And we had to do them in front of the strippers (not sure of politically correct term for women who get naked for money) that were hired for the party.  I wasn’t sure if they were laughing at me or the kid behind me.  They were definitely pointing in my direction.  I was kinda pissed that they chose to point at me while giggling.  It turned out that on my third beer slide I ended up sliding so far I hit my leg on a doorway and split my leg open.  I had no clue that the ladies of the night were pointing at my bloody leg and not my 100% All Beef Thermometer.  Oh to be young again….

The Rules of the Glitter E Yaynus Award:

  1. Name 5 things that I do that would make people want to kill me. (read below)
  2. Name  5 things I would stick up my ass if  I was forced to. (read below)
  3. Run across a freeway blindfolded Naked! (Hells yeah!)
  4. Pick a Prom Court. (I never went to prom)

Why People would want to kill me:

1) I’m awsome! And I don’t share the awesomesauce… 2)I’m not a telemarketer but I play one on TV. 3) I’ so good looking even guys hit on me. 4) I can sneeze with my eyes open. 5) Whenever someone says “I’m not book smart, but I’m street smart”, all I hear is “I’m not real smart, but I’m imaginary smart”.

Things to stick up my ass:

Sorry but nothing goes in through the out door…… with one exception.  I had a colonoscopy before.  So besides long tubes with cameras, I draw the line!

Now on to awarding to my peeps:

Sheena @ Facehookin’

The Ranter @ Brain Rants


Jamie @ The Life Of Jamie

Stephanie @ My Glorified Journal

I think that will be all for now…..

Again a huge thank you to Chrystalyn @ The Future Of Hope.  Now go click on her blog!

You Love Me, You Really Really Love Me!

I like awards for the simple reason that it shows someone is actually reading my words.  Is that wrong?  I don’t think so.  I look at it as free advertising (my marketing degree at work here) because now more of the readers of the blog that awarded me these, The Social Worker Angela @ The Old Heave Ho, will now hopefully be reading mine.  Which is one of the reasons we all like these awards, to have readers that enjoy what we say in our blogs.  I was surprisingly given a choice of the following 3 awards; the Liebster Blog, Candle Lighter, and Sunshine Awards!  Like the little fat kid in me that still wants more cake and cookies, I want them all!  Greedy? Yes!  But nonetheless, offered up like the goat to the T-Rex in Jurassic Park.  It’s there, why wouldn’t I take it?  Not like I’m gonna turn my back on a good snack, right?  So I graciously accept all three (as the little kid in me runs off to his room to put the trophies on his wall to worship for the days to come).

The rules for the Liebster Blog, Candle Lighter, and Sunshine Award are as follows:

  • Show your thanks to the blogger who gave you the award by linking back to them.
  • Reveal your top picks for these awards and let them know by leaving a comment on their blog.

Many Thank Yous go to:

The Social Worker Angela @ The Old Heave Ho for her nomination of me for these 3 awards.  I certainly see how she had received these awards to pass on.  I think everyone that reads my blog should be reading her’s as well.  She has some really heart pouring posts of her life and shares her true feelings that many people are afraid let show.  She is an inspiration to me to keep on posting the way I do.  I too like to share my life with others in the spirit that others will accept me the way I am.  I certainly appreciate your entire blog as well as accept you as you, Social Worker Angela.

I think we all write for some more acceptance in the world as well as looking for more people just like us so we don’t feel so alone out there.  As fellow blogger Chrystalyn @ The Future Of Hope said in her recent post we read the cream of the crop of what interests us.  Cream is a little fattening for me since I’m trying to better my physique.  But I do like a little food cheat now and then. So here are the floating marshmallows in my (low fat) hot chocolate:

Peter Germany @ Peter Germany’s Blog:  What can I say about Peter?  His blog has encouraged me to be a word counter and create some goals with my writing.  He shares his journey as an inspiring writer.  He is well worth the click every day.

Jess @ Keeping It Real Food: Jess has that new age thinking about food.  Since I have started really paying attention to what I put into my body as fuel, Jess has given some great alternatives to what we do in our everyday lives to keep on that healthy track.

The Daily Heard:  Sorry but I never did catch his name.  But The Daily Heard caught my attention when I was searching for someone else that had an international flair to his posts.  He writes on a multitude of topics.  He keeps me very busy reading everyday.

Evan Sanders @ The Better Man Project:  Evan is one of those that I feel a real connection.  I have said in the past that he must be my long lost brother because we seem to one in the same.

Air Squadron:  Here is another blogger that I found while searching for that international connection.  I love reading this blog.  Always some great pictures of places around the world.  Kind of like a free vacation!

Maggie Mae @ Maggie Mae I Just Say This:  Oh Maggie.  She actually reached out to me to share her poetry.  Each one has a very powerful story.  I have always loved poetry and her’s is outstanding.  Thank you Maggie for finding me and sharing!

There is also another blogger that I am a dedicated fan of.  She has already received these awards and rightfully so.  But she still must be included in my list of MUST READS.  I say she is a friend (as much as a fellow blogger can be).  She has helped me realize some things in life as well as helped me with some great tips on making my blog better.  So I would also like to say a big thanks to Chrystalyn @ The Future Of Hope.

Now I need to go and celebrate my new awards the right way, a good P90X Leg and Back workout then some chicken and broccoli.  A little sweat before the figurative sweet is always a good thing.  I’m still trying to suppress the fat kid in me that wants some cake.

Now get clicking on those blogs above and show them some love if you like them as I do!