Insanity Update

I’m really diggin Insanity.  It’s kicking my ass but I feel so charged and accomplished afterwards.  I actually worked out twice today.  I lifted for back and shoulders in the morning, then after work I pushed out some Insanity.  I have to give a shout-out to my trainer for being such great support in my workouts.

insanity update

I have to give it up to this guy.  He is always demanding more of me.  I know by the end of the 60 day period of Insanity I will be pushed to new physical heights.  And I will have no one to thank but my Grumpy Cat trainer.

You Can’t Argue With Grumpy Cat

I was getting really motivated by a lot of you Bloggybloggers out there jumping back on that fitness horse.  I figured I haven’t challenged myself with anything lately so I started brainstorming what to do.  And boom!  An idea hits me.  Let’s do Insanity workouts.  I needed some additional motivation so I gave my buddy Grumpy Cat a call (since I don’t have any of your phone numbers).  Here is what he said:

Mike and Grumpy Cat

Amazing how he can motivate you.  I wanted to do another workout session right after we talked.

I have his number if any of you need a little Grumpy Cat motivation.

Public Enemy #1

Happy Monday Everyone!

My weekend blew…I hope yours was better.  I lost my mental focus during work and made a booboo.  It wasn’t a horrible mistake like calling a customer a Dill-hole or something.  But rather a mistake that someone that went through my line gained some extra cash from my drawer and said nothing about it.  So now I’m Public Enemy #1 at work.

It’s my bad and I own the mistake but I was pissed and lost all focus and motivation to workout like usual the past 3 days.  On top of the mistake I now have to go through the ritual of being red ball gagged, tied up and bent over a splintered wood table while being beaten with a wet reed.  Well, maybe not all that but I do get to be embarrassed in front of my coworkers by having my drawer counted to ensure I am not a kleptomaniac.  This will happen for the next 2 weeks.  So if someone didn’t know about it, there will be a chance they will see it happen and know then.

Since my job is so not mentally satisfying, I am trying to keep stats on my work output.  I know….what a nerd.  But when all you do is scan things, count money, ask people if they want paper or plastic, and read the trash mags… needs to fill in the void with some type of mental exercise.  Since last week I found that the registers keep some simple stats on each cashier.  I was excited to hear this.  It saves me from trying to figure it all out on paper.  So up to today I have a 36 item per min scan speed, an average of .7o min customer checkout time and I have about 33 customers an hour.  I know, I know but those numbers don’t add up.  They are all averages from all the days that I have worked.  So what does it all mean?  Well, compared to other people’s stat averages – 24 items, 1.45 min, and 22 customers….I blow them all out of the water.  So why the persecution for having 1 mistake (and never being a penny over or under before)?  It’s their rules….

Ehhh, whatever!

So now you’re caught up with my pathetic work life… is what is going on with my workouts!

Nothing!  I just told you…didn’t you listen!

Prior to my weekend snafu, I was doing well with my training.  Training for what?  Well, that is still up for debate.  I plan on doing some organized runs at some point.  I really want to do a 1/2 marathon soon but I may wait till Oct for the St. Louis one.  It’s right down the street from me and I get to ride the metro for free….no need to try and drive while my legs won’t work.

I am more excited that I’m back on my bike again.  I love riding!  Let me restate that….I LOVE RIDING!  And now I’m starting to run then ride in the same day, which means I may be looking at a potential bike/run race to do (I would look at a short Tri but I would drown…I don’t swim).  But I have 2 bike races that I have my sights on already.  One is on base which should be fairly easy.  Then there is a Tour de’ Donut race where you get time bonuses for consuming donuts during the ride.  Not sure that is ideal for a race but it sounds fun!  Anything with donuts sounds fun!

Anyone have any cool races happening near them?  I have shoes and or bike, whichever one applies, and willing to travel!

Well, it’s raining right now with a temp of 89 degrees out and I still need to get a few more running miles in before the day ends.  I better go before it gets super dark out and I can’t see the dogs stalking me.

Here’s to not being a snausage tonight!

Fitness, Reality and Random Crap

So it has been a while since I have written.  I know…you miss me!  But you can follow me on Twitter or on Facebook on either my fan page or my personal page.  I’m a nice guy, lets be friends 🙂

A lot has been going on since I wrote my last post Debate of The Week #7.  It has been almost 2 weeks for heaven’s sake!

Today is my first day off for the week.  It is kind of like a double edge sword.  I still can’t believe I get to say I have a day off but then my days off are fairly random and usually in the middle of the week, which sucks.  But it is nice to be able to say that my ogre of a boss finally gave me a day off.  Not that my boss is an ogre nor my boss for that matter, she is my supervisor, which is not a boss but a person that supervises my work.  I still don’t know who the boss is nor does it matter.  I’m not that important cog in the commissary process, so I will probably never need to know.  I am just the face of the store for the customers as they pay for their items and finalize their shopping experience.  So I’m not that important…..

Work is fun and interesting but can be a back breaker at times.  It is nice to be noticed by my supervisor for my exemplary work ethic by moving me to the busiest registers during the day to keep the cattle moving through with a smile.  The bad thing about it is that the other employees resent me a little because I always have a smile and seem to enjoy the job.  Just yesterday I was asked by, lets call him “The Grumpy Old Man,” if my niceness and cheery attitude toward customers was real or an act.  It is obvious he can’t tell the difference since he hasn’t had a real feeling in years and wouldn’t know how to show it.  He is the most gruff person I have ever met.  I can barely tell if he is asking questions or making statements to customers.  Everything he says is in the same tone and with no feeling.  I think I made him smile yesterday though.  It was either that or he had gas.

So yesterday I got to sleep in a little.  Which was nice.  8AM seems like I’m sleeping till noon now.  It’s crazy!  I had 2 hours before I had to leave for work so I read a few of my favorite WordPressers and made a few comments.

One of them being, Stephanie @ My glorified Journal. She has been pretty motivating in her posts.  If you haven’t been following her you should be.  Let me fill you in if you haven’t.  She is taking on two challenges in her life right now.  Her one goal is to compete in a body building/fitness posing competition.  She is rapidly closing in on that day and well on her way to probably becoming a fitness model.  Her second goal is to become the next female face of Under Armour.  She entered into that competition a few weeks ago and asks her followers for some ideas to complete the UA tasks.  Anyway I was pretty motivated by all she is doing I decided to try and do a little workout myself before work.  By the time I got to workout I felt I only had time to pump out a few hundred pushups/shower/shave and dress for work.

It all turned for the worse in a flash of a second after I left for work.

A little back-fill: I have this thing about being super early for things.  I think it is a nervous mental thing I have but I just need to be early for everything I do or my stomach gets all knotted up and I get sick.  Weird, I know!

So I had a few extra minutes before I left for work but wanted to get there early anyway.  Hey, you never know what traffic could be like (I only live 2 miles away from the base).  Anyway, I am sitting at the last red light before being on the main drag for the base main gate.  There is me on my side of the light and two cars in the oncoming light, one was in the turning lane but didn’t have their turn signal on.  that should have been my first clue of this person being a dumbass.

The light turns green and I take off……and so does everyone else!!!!!  The dumbass, in the oncoming turning lane, tries to make a left hand turn into me, head on!  WTF!!!!  Lucky for me my Mazda 3 and I are one with reflexes and responsiveness in our evasive maneuvers.  The dumbass just misses the front end of my car with not as much as a tap of the brake by them.  I saw it was some old lady realizing her mistake by grasping her mouth with one hand and punching the gas to make sure her car is going much faster than mine in order to pulverize me, if she hit me.  Probably so she can go on in her own miserable life and leave me rotting in the intersection.

Really?  I mean, REALLY?  She was probably texting……

So out of this whole experience I learned that I should have taken 5 more minutes to do some situps or something and not worried about being so early for work that I make barely any money at.

But as I was walking into the building I witnessed something pretty profound.  All along the side of the building there are flowers and roses and other smelly pollen makers blooming.  This lady just stops on the side walk and bends over to smell a few of the different flowers.  My whole attitude changed from heart pounding rage to realizing that what could have happened to me, didn’t happen, and I should maybe slow down a bit and smell the roses for myself.  So the rest of the day I tried my hardest to be the nicest person anyone would meet that day.  I also picked up some Ben & Jerry’s Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough ice cream for my wife to show I was thinking of her.

Everything is better after ice cream!

The Key To Success

I was looking back at my one post a few days ago “Something to Think About.”  I felt it was time to bring back the intellectual to a post.  I will try and work on that later tonight.

Today was a fairly down day for me.  For some reason I have been getting headaches more often.  And today was not the exception. That meant I needed some meds and a nap.  Which will now equal me not sleeping tonight.  What a cycle.  But maybe I will get a few good thought provoking articles typed out for you to read.

I had a good instant message chat with my wife today.  She is coming home very soon from her deployment.  But talking about it only makes me miss her more.  The headache came on after our chat.  It must have been my brain going into overdrive thinking of all the things I need to do to prepare for her return.  Well, it has been almost 7 months she has been gone and if you know some guys if left alone for a minute make a mess…..times my situation by 7 months.  Ugh!  Clothes everywhere, dishes need done, the house needs vacuumed, and I know for sure everything else needs a good wipe down.  Somehow a kettlebell got upstairs in my bedroom, WTH!  I also have to move the living room furniture back to normal and not just in front of the TV.  Time to turn my man cave back to a home.

Luckily today was a light day in my P90X cycle.  I always dread this day but Yoga is always a good mind wipe for the hour and a half I’m doing it.  It is amazing how doing yoga clears your mind.  The moves make you struggle so much that you just can’t think of anything else but trying to keep the correct form.  I am not the Gumby type of person but since I have been doing P90X I have regained some of my youthful flexibility.  Throughout this process I have gained willpower and inner strength along with some core and muscle strength.  I know I can do this which is a completely different mindset I have ever had with other routines.

I think the key to my success with this is that I just got out of my own way.  Someone is sure to ask what does that mean?  I was unable to figure that out for the longest time.  For some reason it just clicked with this workout program.  So here is the the answer to the million dollar question.  Trust in yourself!  I tell myself everyday I can do this.  Yes, I struggle.  I fall.  I lose my balance.  I look like an idiot sometimes.  But I don’t care about that anymore.  Why?  Because I am not doing this for anyone else but myself.  And in order to do that I must trust in myself to accomplish my task.

I want to take all the credit for accomplishing this and yes I will.  But I must share some of the glory with my one friend.  This guy for a few years now has been a voice in the back of my head.  When we first started working out together back in New Mexico he was such a motivation.  Just recently I started hearing his voice again even though we have both moved away he is far away in Japan now.  I remembered how intense he was in his workouts because that is just who he is.  But he had a goal he was working towards.  And he reached it a year or so ago.  He is now in the Air Force Special Forces Para-rescue.  This is not something you can just walk into.  I’m sure you can find a YouTube video on the training.  This dude is hardcore fit.  I recently refound his voice after he started his own YouTube channel called WaterManFitness.

He helped re-motivate me.  And I want to thank Matt for the kick in the pants and being the voice in my head even though he doesn’t know he did it.  Now if I could only run like he can…..that will be my next goal!

So where is the moral of my story?  I hope you found it.  If not, I want you to believe in yourself even when your down.  There is no shame in looking to others for motivation.  And don’t forget to love yourself along the way.