Greatest Trainer Ever

I have been loving my Insanity workouts.  I now know I should have done these before trying out P90X.  I am sore as heck but I feel so alive after I’m done every day.  Today I decided to workout before going to work.   I knew it was going to be a long hard day of unloading trucks and I wouldn’t have the desire to do anything when I get home.

Today’s Insanity was pretty much insane.  If you are not familiar with the program, Shaun T has you do 3 rounds of a circuit with each round being faster/more intense but the same amount of time as the round prior.  And there are several circuits.  At the very end he threw in an additional 3 minutes of crazyness (I spell it with a “Y” because there is nothing like it) after the final 3rd round of our last circuit.

I pushed through and I made it.  I survived!  I pushed so hard I needed to close my eyes and concentrate on the moves and not what wanted to happen.  I called my trainer, cause he didn’t show – something about never waking up before 10.  This was our conversation:

gonna puke

I feel like his star pupil.  He certainly makes me fell like I accomplished something today.  Tomorrow is a recovery workout so I shouldn’t have to push so hard.


Super Healthy Weekend, Finished!


That’s what I really have to say about this experience.  I have never, never gone low carb/carb free for this long.  I know, I know.  It was only 3 days.  But if you consider all the foods we consume that have carbs, it really limits the average diet.  It certainly has made me rethink what I eat and what I should be eating.

I have to be honest.  I thought I would be sprawled out on the ground passed out or in a ball crying for carbs after the first day.  There is so much satisfaction in eating “clean” food.  I felt good after each meal, I was starving prior to each meal and probably wouldn’t have cared if it was veggies or a skunk.  But I never felt weighed down after a meal.  It energized me to move on to the next activity; which, I believe should be our main reason why we eat.

Did I want carbs?  Ummm, maybe.  Probably for the reason that I wanted a change from eating egg whites.  But I had egg whites for breakfast almost every day during my first go around with P90X.  It also might have been because I had some English Muffins staring at me from the pantry.  And I have a jar of all natural strawberry jam in the fridge that happened to maneuver itself by the carton of egg whites.

So what did I do on my last day of Super Healthiness?

I started the day by doing some basic cleaning around the house.  Then took the dogs for a walk on base.  I came home and washed clothes (amazing how much you go through when you workout 3 times a day) cooled off and ate breakfast, which was my version of a southern omelet minus the bacon again.  I finished my laundry and made my bed.  My back was a bit tight so I decided to do some negative pullups to see if that would stretch it out a bit then moved to child pose to get a good stretch.  Lunch came and gone, again with a fist full of turkey and some left over broccoli.

I was holding off on any other outdoor routine because clouds rolled in but,SMH, no rain.  So I did P90X core synergistics then went for a run around 4:30ish, braving the chance of rain.  There is a few more Tumbler videos for my day’s excursions HERE.  My run pretty much took the rest of my energy.  I figured I would push and go till I was about to drop.  It was my last exercise afterall.  I almost stopped twice on the hill I have now nicknamed, “My Beotch!”(no offense meant to the lovely ladies that read my blog)  I ended up doing just under 5 miles.

So, will I ever do this again?  Hell yeah!  I plan on doing something like this every week from here on out.  For example, I don’t work until 3 tomorrow so I will go for another 30 some mile training ride and possibly a run….that might be after work.  But I do plan on having steel cut oats for breakfast!  I will have to pick the weekends to go no carb or maybe whatever my 2 days off are during the week.  If I plan right I can go grocery shopping and prep my favorite stuffed peppers for my no carb days. 🙂

Anyone have any good recipes?

All Aboard for The Bad Decision Train

Let me start off with today.  I’m not really sure what is going on with me but I have been so tired and out of it.  I don’t seem to have any energy to get past work.  I have been working out before actually going to work but I’m pretty much stuporous.  I know!  That a pretty big word for someone who is as tired as me.

Anyway, today at 4pm started a long 3 day weekend for me.  I’m not sure how I got 3 days off in a row and on a weekend of all things.  But I have absolutely nothing to do for these 3 days.  I put out an APB on Twitter and Facebook for anyone wanting to do something while I’m off but to no avail.  I guess it goes to show how pathetic my social life is.  I don’t even have a softball game on Friday to pass an hour of my life away on.

So with the emptiness of all this time staring me in the face along with my unexplainable lethargy I caved and ordered a pizza for dinner.  I figured I might as well throw a little pity party for myself.  I knew it was a huge mistake right after I hit enter.  I even thought of just not going to pick it up because I knew it was such a bad mistake.

I couldn’t bear knowing I wasted the money on a pizza and not even pick it up.  So I yelled, “To The Batmobile!”  And my two Jack Russell Terriers, Moose and Kenai, ran to the car to go for a ride.  I guess my mistake got us out of the house for a bit.  We got back and I fed them pizza crust and of course they loved every crumb.  I choked down 1 piece and regretted every chew.

Yeah, I just made one big cookie

It doesn’t stop there.  I felt so horrible for even getting the pizza I ate some cookies after.  I know!  Stop it Mike!!!!  I guess it goes to show that once you make one bad decision more follow. Now I didn’t just open a bag of store bought cookies I had stored in the pantry.  Nope!  I went all out and made some from scratch.  I just couldn’t stop.  I swear I was outside of my body just watching the fat kid inside me do all these things and I couldn’t hold him back.  I should have just made some granola bars or something better.  But since the wife is not home I figured why not use her chocolate chips, she doesn’t need them right now…..Ugh!

I even started the day off so well too.  I woke up early and let the dogs out to play with their soccer balls while I went for a run.  I had steel cut oats with a splash of milk and some cinnamon, nutmeg and allspice when I came back.  I had a few slices of turkey and my protein shake for lunch with big plans of doing a great weight routine when I got home from work.

I also left for work 15 minutes early and sat outside to soak in some vitamin D.  I guess that is where my day went down hill.  I was sitting by a few of my co-workers that were also waiting outside before starting their day.  I knew I should have just kept on walking to a different spot but I didn’t want to be rude and snub them.  But the whole time I sat there they were all complaining about how much they hate people, work, school, life, and blah blah blah.  So negative…..

So I have a plan!

I will take up all that empty time staring me in the face and use it to my advantage.


Run – 3 to 5 miles……we’ll see how hot it is before I make up my mind

Bike – plan is to do 20 – 30 miles around the base flightline

Work on the glamor muscles – Found Arnold’s old arm routine and will give it a shot: Here it is

Standing Barbell Curls
5-8 sets of 8-12 cheating reps

Incline Dumbbell Curls
5-8 sets of 8-12 reps

Concentration Curls
5 sets of 10 reps

Alternating Dumbbell Curls
5 sets of 10 reps

And if I can still feel my arms I will do pullups as well


Run – 3 to 5 miles

Let the butt recover, no bike

Fertilize the yard, better known as “the football field”

Leg Routine – Compliments of Johnny O Jackson

Leg Extensions
Sets 1-4: 25-30 reps
Set 5: (drop set) 25 reps each

Free Standing Squats
Sets 1-3: 25-30 reps
Set 4-5: (drop set) 25 reps each

Incline Leg Press
Sets 1-2: 25-35 reps
Set 3: 60 reps

Smith Machine Lunges
3 sets of 10-15 reps

Lying Leg Curl
Sets 1-3: 10-15 reps
Set 4: (triple drop set) 10-15 reps


After 2 days of heavy lifting I think I will need to pull it back a bit

P90X Core Synergistics and maybe Cardio X

Walk the dogs

Do Laundry

Pre cook and prep some meals for the week

AND in dedication to one of our own from the Blogosphere:

Stephanie @ My Glorified Journal

I will go carb free to honor her accomplishment of making it to and through her first figure competition.  If you are in some need of any kind of motivation to get fit, you need to just read or watch one of her posts.  I guarantee you will feel her intensity and see the results of her dedication to her goal.  Good Luck Stephanie and we look forward to hearing what it was like to be on the big stage.

Ok peeps….do something constructive this weekend and be safe.

That is all

My Poor Body

So today is the day after my birthday and I figured why not start another 90 day go around of P90X to fight the effects of aging.  Well, that was the idea anyway.  After a few hundred pushups, a hundred pullups and however may situps I did with the Ab Ripper X my body began to hate me.  The first thing to really get me was my neck….

Yeah, that is me in this x-ray.  My poor ole neck is a little out of whack.  I actually have two herniated discs that, well, never healed.  This is a fairly old injury.  It bothers me from time to time.  When it gets really bad my left arm goes a little numb and I get sharp shooting pains from my neck to my fingers and down my back.  I have a decrease in strength in my left side which makes working out interesting.  About 9 months ago I had an epidural steroid injection in my neck.  It worked for almost 2 months.  What is a guy supposed to do?  Some Motrin and a heating pad is basically all I can do while avoiding surgery.

Then all of a sudden my lower back started to hurt.  I don’t get it but I blame the situps for that pain.  It has to be, right?  And out of nowhere my left foot started to hurt and I didn’t even run today.

I have stress fractures in both of my feet.  The same bone (5th metatarsal), in the same place, happened a year apart from each other to the day.  I always found that weird.  I never thought such a little bone could cause so much pain.  They still hurt when I run.  But the good thing is, I can tell when it is going to rain….. 🙂

In high school I had an umbilical hernia.  That sucker hurt!  I ignored it for a while.  I still remember how it happened.  I was doing squats and just couldn’t come up.  Stupid me kept lifting then went for a run.  After the run, I had blood on my shirt where my belly button is.  I looked but didn’t see where it was coming from.  It wasn’t flowing so it must not be that bad.  A few days passed and I start to smell this foul odor.  It was embarrassing because I was at that age where I was very aware of the girls around.  I had no idea if they could smell what I smelled too.  It almost smelled like I pooped my pants (not that I have done that).  But I knew if the aftermath in the bathroom could peel wallpaper, this is probably not a good thing to have linger around while trying to attract a girl.  I think what made me speak up was after I couldn’t bend over anymore and the smell got worse.  If you don’t know what an umbilical hernia is, it is a tear in the stomach muscles.  If it’s bad enough it will allow your intestines to pop out .  Luckily they didn’t come bursting out like Sigourney Weaver’s worst nightmare.  That whole episode almost made me miss my senior year playing lacrosse.

Oh lacrosse, my weakness and sport of choice.  I had more injuries from that than anything else I have ever done.  I had to have leg surgery because of it.  I played defense and was a very active person on the field in terms of defending my goal.  I would jump in front of shots and get hit in various places that didn’t have pads.  I was repeatedly hit in my right shin by shots game after game.  I was hit so many times it damaged a major vein in my leg.  It looked like the Incredible Hulk trying to escape from my shin.  Not that you want to know but I had to have 6 ft. of vein stripped from my right leg because of it.

Well, 5-6 moths ago I had another surgery on the same leg to fix another bad vein.  Thankfully technology has advanced and I was only down and out for a few days.  I just had another surgery 3 weeks ago, this time on my left leg.  It turns out I just have bad valves in the major veins in my legs that don’t shut off the blood from flowing.  The pain during my recovery from these surgeries kinda sucks.  The actual vein was closed off from my shin to my groin.  And as the vein accepts this being done, it feels like a bad groin pull with each step.  Which makes running so much fun!

Well there are a few things no one ever wanted to know about me.  But I shared them away.

If you are having a bad day at the gym just think of my issues and finish strong while being thankful that you are not me.

Now go workout!

Spandex, It’s What’s For Dinner

So I was riding a high from earlier this afternoon (I got a job offer) and needed to burn some extra energy.  But some errands needed done first.  So I went grocery shopping with the wife, dropped off some recyclables(I’m trying to save the Earth you know), stop at the post office and picked up a black ink cartridge for my printer.  Yeah, yeah, the exercise part is coming soon.

It has been a while since I went to the store to really shop and restock all the stuff I use to make some homemade goodness.  Have you ever noticed how tiring grocery shopping is?  I think it is from all that dodging of old people and of course forgetting you needed something in isle 1 when you are in isle 10 and then you forget where your cart is so you start going up and down each isle looking for it.  A $100 later the wife and I are carrying our bags out to the car.  Stupid me asked for paper bags (cause I’m trying to save the Earth from death by plastic) but forgot we parked in Timbuk2.  My poor wife is stopping ever few steps cause she grabbed all the heavy bags, at least she made them look heavy.  Don’t worry, I was a gentleman and helped her.  It turns out she had the bags with all the light stuff in them.

Anyway, we came home and I made a great dressing for the calorie conscious.  It was taught to me by a Jamaican friend I worked with while I was in California.  I have no idea what it’s called but I love it.  It’s pretty simple but spicy hot!!  So if you want the recipe here you go:

32 oz bottle of white vinegar

bag of coleslaw(you can cut up your own if you want, I’m lazy)

1-4 habanero peppers (diced)

1 Ball jar with lid

1 made in China stainless steel knife

I do this in layers.  I shove the jar 1/2 full of the cabbage mix then cut 2 habaneros then pour in enough vinegar to cover.  Then repeat till full.  When its full, screw on the lid and give’er a shake.  It should look something like this picture.  Then I put it on my top shelf in the fridge right beside my homemade salsa!  I use this stuff on all kinds of meats.  It’s best on pig, cow or as an oil-less salad dressing.

Ok so enough from Chef Mike.  I have a ton of recipes I could share but this is about exercise, right?  So I had a great workout yesterday so why not press my luck today too?  My legs were a bit sketchy so I wanted to get them warmed up first.  I remembered I had some of my magic warming juice left from when I was really into cycling. I don’t even know if this is made anymore.  It smells great!  The ingredients are straight from someone’s kitchen; veggie oil, mineral oil, wintergreen, rosemary, menthol, cayenne, and clove.  If there wasn’t a warning for intended use as external I would be marinating my chicken in this stuff.  The green stuff you see there is for after I took a shower. Made me smell even pertier…..

Anyway, after I got all greased up, I pulled my spandex compression shorts back up, then my Under Armour shorts, and headed out the door.  I decided to do a nice medium paced 2 1/2 mile run to start it off.  I think I burned through that in 20 min or so.  I’m not sure, I could be fibbing.  I was too lazy to use my ipod and track it with my Nike+ thingy-ma-bob.  Someone forgot to tell me this was going to be a group run.  I guess my warming goo was a Pavlovian scent for neighborhood dogs to come out and join me.  Those dogs were no joke either.  I felt like a Snausage with two legs.  I had to pick up the pace but not too much.  I was afraid of creating too much friction with my spandex.  I didn’t want to spontaneously combust!  Those are my shoes…..just in case you don’t believe me I run.  Not that a picture of shoes would make you believe that but I’m all about showing as much positive evidence as I can.

A quick wipe away of all those little bugs that didn’t strategically fly into my mouth, a change of shoes, and I jumped right into my P90X Plyometic workout.  Tony Horton was relentless on me.  For some reason he must have thought I was dogging it cause he kept yelling at me to Bring It!  I have feelings you know, Tony!  I’m an emotional guy, I cry very easily.

If you ever feel good while working out, don’t worry, you’ll get over it!  That is what happened to me today. Wow!  Not that Tony hurt my feelings by calling me out in front of my couch and ottoman (although I do see them everyday and it will be a little embarrassing for a few days) but because I was beat.

I know I can only grow stronger and faster with the backing of my loving wife who after I finished working out asked if I was OK, then instantly told me to suck it up after I said I was tired.  Thanks for the back massage honey!  NOT!!!!

I know the day will come when I ask my wife this: “What do you love most about me? My tremendous athletic ability or my superior intellect?” My wife will respond, “What I love most about you, is your enormous sense of humor.”

I shall leave you with a few words of wisdom.  Experience is a wonderful thing.  It enables you to recognize a mistake when you make it again.

Exercise….It’s The Poor Person’s Plastic Surgery

So today I took a deep look at myself and decided it was time to dig deep and push till I could do no more.  What a stupid idea!  Well, not really.

I have been following a few other bloggers that are also battling through P90X, running, pilates and other great exercise type things.  Today I figured why not me?  Why can’t I start doing more in my workouts?  Today marked the beginning of week 9 in my P90X schedule.  It should have been week 11 but I had a few set backs.  In actuality this should be my second time finishing P90X but I had leg surgery a few months ago that set me back so much that I just started all over.  And now by the looks of things I won’t be able to correctly finish this round either.  I am scheduled to have another leg surgery the beginning of March, which would be week 11 of this go around of P90X.  I probably could finish it but I would have to skip the leg workouts, which are my favorite.

Anyway, back to today.  I needed to get moving before my brain realized what I was about to do.  I like to run but I haven’t in quite some time.  I’m just lazy and it’s been cold.  But today was about 50ish out.  Plus my wife went for a run early in the morning making me feel like a big bag of pooh.  So being guilted into running without actually being guilted, I went for a brisk 2 mile run around our housing development.  It felt pretty good to run again.  The only bad thing was that the air was still a bit harsh so I will be hacking like a cat on a fur ball the rest of the day.  That didn’t make for a pleasant stomach for my round of Chest & Back with Tony Horton.  He didn’t seem to care either, he just kept on going like he was on a DVD or something.

The results of my workout were kinda surprising.  I figured I would be spent after the run since I haven’t done it in a while(plus I did Core Synergistics yesterday) but I actually had a good day in push-ups and pull-ups.  It’s not the best a human can do but for me it wasn’t a bad day.  I ended up doing 156 total push-ups and 76 pull-ups.  It’s not exactly the ratio I want to be at nor the amount.  I would like to be more at a 3-1 or 4-1 push to pull ratio.  But I’ll take it!  Especially after almost seeing my Chocolate-Cherry Carb Boom again a few times during the P90X segment.

I would like to leave you with a few words to keep you going:

Pain is weakness leaving your body!

If you will excuse me, I am going to lay down and pass out now…..

Wanna See My Glamor Muscles?

OK so here is my rant.  For those of you that have read some of my earlier posts I talked about how working out is important to me.  Well, I was thinking of how I don’t like the gym and that is probably why I looked towards P90X to help me out and get past my ego driven hatred of lifting weights with guys that just try and out lift you on the station next to you in the gym.

So thinking back to those days, I realize it was just my ego getting to me.  Or was it?  Way back in the dark ages when I started lifting weights for sports I would be in the gym watching/noticing these big muscle guys spend my entire workout time standing in one area possibly doing a set or two of bench presses.  I really think that is all they did plus some bicep curls because looking at them they were just one big blob from their shoulders to their waist.  No real muscle definition just bulk to fill up a shirt.  I call these guys social lifters.  They do more talking than working out.  It made me mad that these guys walked around in the same gym hoarding machines and workout areas.  Here I am trying to sculpt my body the right way, the balanced way, from neck to cankles.  Get out of my way.  Go take a steam or something.

I know there was some rampant steroid use when I started lifting.  Not by me but by some others I knew.  These guys blew up fast and always wanted to lift more, even multiple times a day.  I think that is what drove me a way from lifting for a while.  There was just too much pressure in the air to meet, beat or just compete with others while lifting.  That’s not what it’s supposed to be about.  Leave me alone and let me do my sets and I’ll get out of your mirror space.

So I’m sure you have figured out what glamor muscles are by now right?  OK, well let me clarify for you.  To make this simple, they are the muscles that you want to bulk up to show off to the ladies.  That would be your chest, arms and the upper back and shoulders.  That doesn’t leave much left but for someone that wants to look balanced you need to work out the gams (legs).  Most of these guys don’t and they look stupid.  Hold on!  Let me back pedal a bit here.  Some guys just can’t build their legs based on their genetic make up.  Some legs are going to be skinny because they run.  But when I see guys in the gym 5 times a week doing bench presses and arm curls in the same spot every day, I know….

Now I don’t want to sound like the muscle police here but I just get sick of guys strutting around with little legs and big arms thinking they are the ish.  They might as well be wearing the ripped muscle shirts and pj bottom type pants.  Which reminds me of this  SNL skit with Chris Farley, Adam Sandler, David Spade, Jay Mohr and Emelio Estavez in:

How Much Ya Bench (sorry for the poor quality clip)

Probably the funniest thing beside Chris Farley’s roid rage rant at the end is the fact that everyone on stage had fake legs but David Spade.  🙂

OK, deep breath…..Ahhhh!  Much better.

That concludes my rant.  Thank you for reading!