You Can’t Argue With Grumpy Cat

I was getting really motivated by a lot of you Bloggybloggers out there jumping back on that fitness horse.  I figured I haven’t challenged myself with anything lately so I started brainstorming what to do.  And boom!  An idea hits me.  Let’s do Insanity workouts.  I needed some additional motivation so I gave my buddy Grumpy Cat a call (since I don’t have any of your phone numbers).  Here is what he said:

Mike and Grumpy Cat

Amazing how he can motivate you.  I wanted to do another workout session right after we talked.

I have his number if any of you need a little Grumpy Cat motivation.

The Key To Success

I was looking back at my one post a few days ago “Something to Think About.”  I felt it was time to bring back the intellectual to a post.  I will try and work on that later tonight.

Today was a fairly down day for me.  For some reason I have been getting headaches more often.  And today was not the exception. That meant I needed some meds and a nap.  Which will now equal me not sleeping tonight.  What a cycle.  But maybe I will get a few good thought provoking articles typed out for you to read.

I had a good instant message chat with my wife today.  She is coming home very soon from her deployment.  But talking about it only makes me miss her more.  The headache came on after our chat.  It must have been my brain going into overdrive thinking of all the things I need to do to prepare for her return.  Well, it has been almost 7 months she has been gone and if you know some guys if left alone for a minute make a mess…..times my situation by 7 months.  Ugh!  Clothes everywhere, dishes need done, the house needs vacuumed, and I know for sure everything else needs a good wipe down.  Somehow a kettlebell got upstairs in my bedroom, WTH!  I also have to move the living room furniture back to normal and not just in front of the TV.  Time to turn my man cave back to a home.

Luckily today was a light day in my P90X cycle.  I always dread this day but Yoga is always a good mind wipe for the hour and a half I’m doing it.  It is amazing how doing yoga clears your mind.  The moves make you struggle so much that you just can’t think of anything else but trying to keep the correct form.  I am not the Gumby type of person but since I have been doing P90X I have regained some of my youthful flexibility.  Throughout this process I have gained willpower and inner strength along with some core and muscle strength.  I know I can do this which is a completely different mindset I have ever had with other routines.

I think the key to my success with this is that I just got out of my own way.  Someone is sure to ask what does that mean?  I was unable to figure that out for the longest time.  For some reason it just clicked with this workout program.  So here is the the answer to the million dollar question.  Trust in yourself!  I tell myself everyday I can do this.  Yes, I struggle.  I fall.  I lose my balance.  I look like an idiot sometimes.  But I don’t care about that anymore.  Why?  Because I am not doing this for anyone else but myself.  And in order to do that I must trust in myself to accomplish my task.

I want to take all the credit for accomplishing this and yes I will.  But I must share some of the glory with my one friend.  This guy for a few years now has been a voice in the back of my head.  When we first started working out together back in New Mexico he was such a motivation.  Just recently I started hearing his voice again even though we have both moved away he is far away in Japan now.  I remembered how intense he was in his workouts because that is just who he is.  But he had a goal he was working towards.  And he reached it a year or so ago.  He is now in the Air Force Special Forces Para-rescue.  This is not something you can just walk into.  I’m sure you can find a YouTube video on the training.  This dude is hardcore fit.  I recently refound his voice after he started his own YouTube channel called WaterManFitness.

He helped re-motivate me.  And I want to thank Matt for the kick in the pants and being the voice in my head even though he doesn’t know he did it.  Now if I could only run like he can…..that will be my next goal!

So where is the moral of my story?  I hope you found it.  If not, I want you to believe in yourself even when your down.  There is no shame in looking to others for motivation.  And don’t forget to love yourself along the way.