Debate Of The Week #3

It must be Friday because it’s time to drop your socks and grab your tux again for the Debate of the Week!

Last week I asked you which was better:  Bald head or Hair

Survey Says: (Ding!) Hair!  Not much was learned except that Chrystalyn @ The Future Of Hope likes enough hair on a head to pull.  You can take that however you want. 🙂

So on to the third Debate of the Week!  This week is going to be an easy one, kinda.  At least I hope it is.  I’m trying to get more of you to participate.

Your choices this week are Cats or Dogs.  It’s a fairly straight forward question, which is better?

To me this is a no contest.  Dogs win my vote and if you vote for cats I will just delete your comment.  Just kidding.  Really!  Just kidding.  Your vote will count as much as it would if this were a national election for president.  No hanging chads, I promise.  And I’m not easily bought.  So if you really want me to cheat the vote, you better come at me big or go home (I like whiskey and back scratches).

So here are the X’s and O’s of my decision.

Pro’s for the Dogs

  1. I have only had dogs
  2. I have never had cats
  3. I don’t ever plan on having cats
  4. Dogs potty outside
  5. Dogs are always glad to see you no  matter how long you have been gone
  6. They’re so damn cute!
  7. Dogs would fight for you (not in a Michael Vick way)
  8. You can teach a dog tricks (like get beer from a fridge)
  9. Dogs openly show affection (I get more kisses from my dogs than my wife)
  10. They’re not cats!

Con’s for Cats

  1. I have only had dogs
  2. I have never had cats
  3. I don’t ever plan on having cats
  4. Kitty litter stinks
  5. Cats don’t like humans, get over it!
  6. Cats will actually tell you to F off
  7. You can’t teach a cat ish!  And they will tell you to F off if you try
  8. Cats openly use narcotics (cat nip) and they won’t share
  9. Hairballs!!
  10. They rip the ish out of everything
  11. Do I seriously need to go on?  Look at that damn thing!!

Now, you might say I am just super biased towards dogs because I have them.  And you would be right.  But here is a short story to back my reasoning.

My sister-in-law has had cats.  They liked me…..from afar (while I was awake).  I remember I fell asleep in her living room and the cat was perched on the mantle above the fireplace watching me.  I was woken by a strange feeling.  The damn thing was licking my fingers then started to chew on my right index finger.  By the time I woke it was back up on the mantle.  I fell back asleep and minutes later I was woken again but with the feeling of someone rubbing wet sandpaper on my head.  The damn thing was licking my head!  And it was purring.  Man, I was creeped out.  WTH purrs (and sounds like the Predator) while licking a human head?  Needless to say I kept my eye on that thing the whole time I was there.  It had a decent mind game going with me.  Where is Arnold when you need him?

So there you have it!  Dogs are awesome.

Where do you stand on this issue?  What is better, Cats or Dogs?

What animals did you grow up with?  If you have a pet what species is it?

My parting words to you: You better cut the pizza in four pieces because you might not be hungry enough to eat six.

Thanks for reading.  Enjoy your weekend!