The Mouth vs. Nose Breather

It’s time for a little writing therapy.  Sorry for not posting anything for a bit but my wife finally returned from her deployment.  I figured my time was better spent with her than writing.  Not that I don’t appreciate my readers.  But I have to live with my wife! 🙂 So on with my therapy.

The mouth vs nose breather is all about the differences in people.  My wife mentioned to me that I was not snoring the past few nights because I seemed to be breathing differently when I sleep.  Well, thank you for noticing.  Your snoring has been keeping me awake so I couldn’t fall asleep to snore. 🙂 But I have been consciously trying to fall asleep with my mouth closed the past few nights because that seems to lower my chances of snoring which creates a chain reaction of hits and pushes from the wife about shutting up.  But snoring is not really what I’m talking about here.

I want to share a little more of what Bio-parents did to me to distort my view on the world.  When I was little, I don’t know what age but young enough to believe their ridiculousness.  My parents told me that poor people would breathe through their nose when they sleep and rich people would breathe through their mouth.  Yeah right!  So I needed to see if this was true.  Remember how I told you that I spent a lot of my life at my grandparents, well, I would be there when my cousins of my fairly well off uncle were there.  We would all sleep in the same room.  This was the perfect time to test out my bio-parent’s theory.  Low and behold they were right.  They would breathe through their mouths when they slept!  Those SOBs, how dare they!  LOL!  I was a stupid kid, wasn’t I?  To actually believe that money made people breathe differently.

Needless to say I spent the next few years breathing with my mouth closed to meet the requirements of my family’s economic background.  I think it was around the time I began to grow my own brain and rebel from bio-parents that I started to realize they were full of crap.  To think that someone’s comments made me feel a certain way towards another person.  For years I despised my cousins all because they would breathe a certain way.  Look at them flaunting their richness at me by breathing through their mouths.  Well, thankfully I now know better and found out that people are just different.  And thankfully I now have a good relationship with all of my cousins.

So feel open to breathe anyway you want to around me.  I won’t judge…..I promise!

Dog Dreams

Woof woof

Arf arf

Body is shaking and toes are trembling

What is that you’re dreaming, it sounds so troubling?

There goes his legs, flailing about

He rolled to his back wiggling his snout

Up pops his head all confused and drowsy

What were you dreaming my little buddy?

Lay your head back down

Those noises you were making are the talk of the town

Close your eyes and go back to sleep

I will rub your tummy while you count more sheep

Something to Sleep On

So here I am, again, not sleeping.  Tonight I thought I would try and experiment (on myself).  Looking at my bedroom and seeing the layout I wondered why it was set up the way it is.  The bed is against the wall and the TV on the other side of the room at the foot of the bed.  Everything is centered on their respective wall.  There is still plenty of room to get into the two closets on the left side of the bed.  But the room is so large I feel so far away from the bedroom door.  I wondered why I chose to put the bed on the farthest wall from the door.

Tough question since it was a habit passed on from my family and I believe my wife’s family as well.  And I’m sure if you look at your bedroom, you will find that your bed is probably as comfortably far away from the door as well.  But why?

I want to take this question a little further.  I want to know why we sleep with our heads at the farthest point from the door as well.  It’s weird isn’t it?  You probably never thought of the question before either.  I know I haven’t.  There was no need to.  I believe there is also another consideration to look at as well.  Some people go all out and have bedroom sets that include headboards and footboards for their bed and dressers and hope chests and chairs and blah, blah, blah.  Well I don’t.  So I am looking past what looks best in the room decor.  I get that a headboard looks best up against a wall; that is a no brainer.  I want to know why we can’t sleep with our heads pointed toward the center of the room or towards the door.

So here it is.  It’s a safety behavior (fight or flight action) that has been passed on to us from generations ago.  I want to say that because we have learned to never turn our backs on the unknown.  I know I feel much safer when I can see what is coming at me.  But it’s dark so who can see anyway?  But it’s still a comfort thing.  I know when I was a kid I used to see figures in the dark.  I can still see that one dark figure standing by my dresser holding a pair of shinny scissors telling me it was time for a haircut.  And this was way before the Freddie Kruger movies came out.

But I think it is a known fact that monsters can’t get you if you keep your bedroom door open.  Duh!  And forget about the dogs protecting me.  They are bigger chickens than me!  Another thing to consider is the amount of covers you have on your bed.  Everyone knows the more covers the better protection.  But that is kid stuff, right?

So here was the experiment I tried last night/morning.  I moved my bed to the middle of the room and laid with my head as close to the door as possible.  I only had 1 blanket and my dogs took that from me a few minutes later after a few tosses and turns.  They are the definition of cover hogs…..ugh!  The experiment was a success, in a way.  I was unable to fall asleep with my head so close to the door.  I heard every creek, pop, and bump in the house.  No way was I going to fall asleep.  That and I was freezing my butt off.  So, back to the wall went the bed.  I even found that I wasn’t comfortable until I put my back to the wall side too.  Geez!  I really messed myself up.

So here are my closing thoughts and they only lead to more questions for me.  For me sleeping as far away from the bedroom door is essential, period.  Yes there are other things to take into consideration such as the layout of the room.  But even that had to be for a reason.  Why are the widows where they are?  And why are the closets on this wall and not that?  Of course there is a logical layout to a house but again it had to be through trial and error.  Just like in Braveheart, who wants a guy on a horse riding into your room without you seeing it happen?

How about my married readers out there?  Any of you spend the night flopped over the side of the bed trying to escape the snoring partner who loves to cuddle?  That definitely limits where the bed can be placed as well.  But the best solutions I have found is to stuff your significant other/ brother/sister under the bed (feed the monsters), prop the bedroom door open (night light in hall – mandatory!) and chain the closets closed.

I don’t mean to write this so no one can ever sleep again.  And I’m not trying to scare you either.  I just want you to think about why you do the things you do in life.  And if you still can’t sleep, I found that a 5mg Melatonin tablet does the trick, sometimes.

Sweet Dreams!