Angry Balls (TM)

Alright lazy bones!  Time to get off the couch and exercise!

Not now dad! I only had 10 naps so far today…

We have all played Angry Birds on our smart phones….right?

Well, I created a game called Angry Balls for my dogs to play.  It consists of a bunch of squeaky tennis balls being thrown off a wall and the dogs chasing and catching the balls till they pass out.  I call it Angry Balls in tribute to Angry Birds because when the dogs catch or step on the balls they sound like the birds from the game Angry Birds.  That and it is kind of a funny name.  Sooooo, there you have it!

It’s a fun game as long as they don’t get over-anxious and try to grab a ball out of your hand and inadvertently sink a tooth into a finger.  Or they get a crap ton of droll on the balls that they slip out of your hands.  Here is a clip to check out on my Tumblr page (CLICK ME) (CLICK ME TOO) (CLICK THIS ONE TOO) (LAST ONE)

Here’s what you’ll need:

  1. a cute dog or 2
  2. a bunch of squeaky tennis balls (ours are made by Kong )
  3. 1-4 walls (the key here is to have bare walls to bounce the balls off of)
  4. a carpeted floor a plus
  5. lots of energy
  6. a great treat for after the game (we like carrots and honeydew melon)

Tip: Make sure to only play for 15-20 min at a time and do potty breaks or you might end up with a wet playing field.

Good workout dad! I need a nap now….

And I leave you with a little funny something:


Dog Dreams

Woof woof

Arf arf

Body is shaking and toes are trembling

What is that you’re dreaming, it sounds so troubling?

There goes his legs, flailing about

He rolled to his back wiggling his snout

Up pops his head all confused and drowsy

What were you dreaming my little buddy?

Lay your head back down

Those noises you were making are the talk of the town

Close your eyes and go back to sleep

I will rub your tummy while you count more sheep

Dog Farts

Here is my attempt at some Dr. Seuss type poetry.  I have to thank my little buddy Kenai for the inspiration.

Dog Farts

I walked into the room

I swear I saw the plume

Sniff sniff, sniff sniff

Oh my, I caught a whiff

I rushed to light a candle

But the smell was to much to handle

I escaped to the hall

And over rolls a ball

Over in the corner was my little dog

He walked to me through the fog

I bent over to pet him

You are so adorable, you’re my gem

His tail began wagging

And I began gagging

How could such a smell come from something so cute

And then I heard, a little toot

Moose: My Other Little Buddy

As silly as this picture looks, this is Moose getting ready for his favorite daily pastime, napping.  Now, he doesn’t wear the eye shade when he sleeps but I wanted to just capture his real essence.  Moose is the puppy I picked out at the pet store.  Well, he picked me I think.  I can still remember the day we found him.  We took him into the petting room at the pet store and he curled up in my hands and fell asleep.  He was not in the typical curl position, he was on his back.  From what I read about dogs, they sleep on their backs when they are in total comfort and feel safe.  And he did that in my hands.  How could I not pick him?

I think it is very true that pets and owners are very similar.  Moose is an eater!  He loves his treats and hogs the food bowl.  My wife and I have a saying when we give him stuff to chew.  It’s along the lines of the old Tootsie Pop commercial where the kids ask the wise owl, “How many licks does it take to get to the center of a Tootsie Pop?”  With Moose, it’s more of a, “How many chews till he is done?” Oh, and he competes with the best of burpers.  He lets them go from deep within.

He is not much of a fetch this, catch that kind of dog but when he plays he looks like a little puppy romping around with his ears flapping around.  He is the most social of the two.  He loves to go to PetSmart.  It’s like he is going to the club.  But I think more than just going to PetSmart, he loves the car.  I am not sure why he really loves it since he goes to the back seat and takes a nap.  He used to stand on the armrest between the front seats and act like the captain of a ship (my blog header pic).

I think the best thing about Moose is that he is very choosy on his distribution of love.  He is not much of a cuddler but when he does you know he loves it because he begins to breath heavily then gives a big sigh right before he falls asleep.  There is not much of a better experience like cuddling with my buddy.

Kenai: My Little Buddy

There are few things that can be very precious to you in life.  My little buddies are in that category.  It’s funny how dogs can drive you nuts but then seconds later drive you into a hysterical laughing jag.  That would be the ideal way to describe my two Jack Russell Terriers.

Kenai has no shutoff button.  He is full throttle all hours of the day.  He gives the Energizer Bunny a run for his money.  He also has a fetish for tennis balls.  If he doesn’t have one in his mouth he has one right beside him.  You know it’s time to play when he tosses it towards you.  If you can hold out long enough he will get into dog down pose and start playfully barking at you to play.  I have to take the blame for him doing that.  I taught him to speak.  Stupid me!  But he is truly a character.  He does have some irritating behaviors.  Well they are only irritating cause he is constantly seeking attention.  If you try and take a nap, he will cuddle with you (which is nice while the wife is deployed).  But he wants to be the one that falls asleep first.  So he makes sure you pet him to sleep.  If you don’t he will paw at you relentlessly until you give in.  It’s cute, don’t get me wrong, but its annoying if you are really tired.  I don’t know what I would do without my little tail wagging, ball chasing buddy.  He cracks me up all the time.

Anyone out there have a furry pal like Kenai?