Where To Begin?

Thank you all for the warm welcome back.  I know you all have had a rough time without your weekly dose of Big Mike and I apologise for that.  The past few months have been tough to say the least.

Here is a brief list of major events:

  1. I had to say goodbye to Moose and put him to sleep in July – (still hard to talk about)
  2. My Wife came back from her year deployment a few days later – (yay me)
  3. Received orders for a Military Permanent Change of Station (PCS)
  4. Had to leave my job – (good and bad)
  5. Endured hardest PCS ever….. – (Did I say worst EVER!?!?)
  6. Searched for new existence in new state….. – (Job, House, everything we take for granted, etc)
  7. Went Paleo on ya’ll – (I eat dinosaurs and like it!)
  8. Stumbled upon new job – (I’m kind of a big thing round here now)
  9. Wrote this post – (you’re welcome)

I know at this time of year, during the holidays, we all get sappy and spill our guts and say how much we love each other.  But I truly am grateful for each and every one of you that reach out to someone you don’t even know (me) and offer kind words and even joke around a bit.  As a military spouse leaving friends behind every few years is tough and trying to make new ones is even harder.  This year I will add you guys to my list of things I’m thankful for on Turkey Day.

Oh and for those slackers out there….this is day 9 of the Burpee Challange….let’s get jumpin!

I’m Back!

A lot has gone on in the months I have been gone from the bloggy blog world and I plan on sharing some of it with you.  But until I can find the time, I pose you this….

Join me in this challenge!

30 Burpees

There is no place you need to go but an open area that allows you to jump around like an idiot and sweat like a maniac.  I have already done day 1.  I am so out of shape and I have a whole list of excuses for that but instead of using them, I’m going to get back in shape!

Day 1 time: 3 min 32 sec

That is about 7 seconds a Burpee…..Let’s see how low I can get that time.