Debate Of The Week #6

It must be Friday because it’s time to drop your socks and grab your tux again for Big Mike’s Debate of the Week! Wait Wait Wait!  It’s not Friday, it’s Wednesday!

Well, sorry I missed last week but life happens.  And this week I will be in Chi-Town for Easter.  I just wanted to get you a little something to hold you over for the holiday until I get back.

Two weeks ago I asked you, if you had a choice of the following which one would it be and why?  A Blood Lusting Zombie, A normal Run of The Mill Vampire, A Bad Ass Throat Ripping Werewolf, or The Last Human on Earth.

Many of you surprised me by wanting to face the world as The Last Human on Earth.  I’m not sure I have a strong enough mental state to do that.  Plus I would want to try being something I was not before I leave this world.  I’m adventurous that way.  So for those who chose to be the human, remember I gave you the choice to be something different when I show up at your door or cave or wherever as the Bad Ass Throat Ripping Werewolf.

On to the Debate Of The Week!

Wooo Hooo, we are coming up to a bunch of Federally recognized holidays.  Alright, so we really aren’t but that statement makes this post work.  Cut me some slack here.

So back to the glory I intended.  Yeah!  Free days off from work.  That is if you are employed.  Which I can happily say I will be as of Monday April 9.

So here is the Debate of the week.  If you could choose the day that holidays are recognized what day would that be?  Let me clarify.

Here is a list of 2012 US Federally recognized holidays.

Monday, January 2 New Year’s Day
Monday, January 16 Birthday of Martin Luther King, Jr.
Monday, February 20 Washington’s Birthday
Monday, May 28 Memorial Day
Wednesday, July 4 Independence Day
Monday, September 3 Labor Day
Monday, October 8 Columbus Day
Monday, November 12 Veterans Day
Thursday, November 22 Thanksgiving Day
Tuesday, December 25 Christmas Day

Now you can see that most industries’ employees get the benefit of usually getting the day after a weekend off (unless you are in retail or other service type industry).

So here is my clarification to the question.

Now that you can see the days that the holidays fall on, is this the ideal day off for you?  Or would you rather your place of employment give you Fridays off instead of the Federally accepted Monday off?  Another way to look at what I’m asking is; would you rather have the long weekend start on a Friday and end on a Sunday or begin on a Saturday and end on Monday?

Does that make sense?  Too bad if it doesn’t.  Go back to work then if you want to nit pick.  No Holidays For You!  And you have to pay extra for bread!

I view holidays like the back of your head if you had a mullet.  You know, business in the front, party in the back.

For me the decision is null right now since I’m technically unemployed until after Easter.  But I could see voting being a 50/50 split.  I guess I would prefer to only work Monday – Thursday and have the week end for me sooner (in my own little bubble this works).  But then I can see where people dread Mondays.

I say for those of you that dread Mondays, drink more coffee and deal with it.  I want my Fridays off!

I guess our system of holidays could be a little more jacked up or overwhelming.  Take for example, Japan.  They have random holidays.  About 18+ holidays.  Here is a little snippet.

My favorites were midori no hi (Greenery Day) observed at the beginning of May.  This is just to celebrate an old emperor’s love for plants.

How about kodomo no hi (Children’s Day).  On this day parents spend the day with their children, usually the boys and they go out for food and a day of fun.  It’s supposed to be about planning and nurturing the child’s future.

This one always got me, taiiku no hi (Health and Sports Day).  The day is to celebrate the opening day of the Olympics back in 1964.  Talk about extending the memory….

One last thing on Japanese holidays.  I know there are some Valentine’s Day Haterade drinkers out there, so this is for you.  They don’t just have one Valentine’s Day, they have two.  The first one is for the guy to receive gifts; actually on Valentine’s Day(14 Feb), and the other is for the woman in mid March, called White Day.  Be glad you are in the US, haters.

Alright time to reel this post back in to it’s intended purpose.

Where do you stand?  What is better? Get Friday off and go back to work Monday or Get Saturday thru Monday off and back to the grindstone on Tuesday?  Or would you like your days off at another time?

Let’s hear it.  Sound off!

One last thing for ya.  A few helpful tips for your Easter weekend:

1) If you’re getting melted chocolate all over your fingers, you’re eating it too slow!

2) If you can’t eat all of your chocolate, it can be kept in the freezer for some time.  But if you can’t eat it all, what’s wrong with you?

3) Chocolate has a lot of preservatives.  It makes you look younger.  So eat up!

4) In my world; chocolate covered raisins, cherries, oranges, and strawberries count as fruit.  So eat as much as you want.

5) If you’re trying to loose weight, try eating a chocolate egg before every meal.  This way it will suppress your appetite and therefore you will eat less during meal time.




Have a Happy Easter!


The Japanese Experiment Part 1

Yup, that’s me and the Mrs. in full getup.  The Japanese Experiment the coolest time of my life.  I was lucky enough to live in Japan for 3 years.  I was able to immerse myself into a foreign culture and learn from the inside out.  The people, the places, the language and the customs were something that will never be forgotten.  I still remember my wife calling me while we were in Colorado and said, “I had an offer for an assignment in Japan.  What do you think?”  Without hesitation I said, “Take it.”  I had no idea where in Japan and I didn’t really care.  How often do people (regular people) get to go to foreign countries to live?

So we loaded up the car and moved to Mi-sa-wa!  Japan that is, Cherry blossoms, Samurais! (Sung to the Beverly Hillbillies Theme)

Well, it wasn’t as easy as packing up the car and driving.  Although we did have to drive from Colorado to Seattle.  Oh the fun that was (insert sarcastic snicker).  Then we got to go on the longest flight I will never want to do, 13 hours.  I really can’t complain about it on my side.  I felt worse for my doggies who were locked in their crates for 17 hours because our flight was delayed.  Stupid airline…..

Eventually we left the ground and off we went into the future.  Yup that’s right the future.  We ended up losing 12 hours of our life based on the time difference.  It was pretty neat to know what happens a day before it happened in the US.  At least that was my lame joke with my friends and family.

Fast forward to the most uncomfortable 13 hours anyone can experience in a tin can hurdling through the air.  We arrived in Tokyo, Japan!  Wow, how weird it was to to just see, different.  But it wasn’t all ooo’s and aah’s.  We needed to get our dogs into a kennel on base, due to not having pet friendly lodging.  This is where the OMGs and Holy Ishs came.

I had to take a taxi with my dogs to the kennel since we didn’t have a car nor knew anyone yet.  This experience is hard to describe but here it goes.  Close your eyes, well first read this then close your eyes and try to see it for yourself.  You are so loopy from traveling for days, your hungry, you are in a different country, you don’t speak their language, we have no cell phones to keep in contact with each other, I don’t know where you’re going, and I know I had that I have been traveling smell working for me.  I hailed a taxi and tried to describe where I needed to go.  Luckily we were already on the military base and the drivers were familiar with what we needed.  But it was still an adventure to try and get a taxi for my wife to follow.  See, we had to keep the dogs in their hard travel crates, which took the entire backseat of the first taxi.

Now here is the Holy Ish!  In Japan everything dealing with driving is the opposite of what we do in the US.  They drive on the other side of the road on the other side of the car and everything is smaller (cars, roads).  Culture Shock!  I’m in the passenger seat (driver seat in the US) and this dude drove fast.  I thought I was playing the video game, Gran Turismo.  WTH!  Slow down!  I swear the driver was having some fun with me.  He got on his radio and was talking some stuff and I swear I heard some laughing on the other end.

We all eventually made it to the kennel and dropped the boys off and took the magic carpet ride to the hotel on base.  What to do first; eat, shower, pass out, explore?  I really don’t remember what we did first but I do remember trying to sleep when it was early afternoon.  I remember waking up thinking it was all a bad dream and not realizing where I was.

So that was the end of my first day in Japan.  We had to get up early the next day to take a 12 bus ride north to Misawa, our final destination.

To be continued…………

Enter Thought Here

Have you ever seen someone look at you and wondered what they were thinking?  Maybe they are someone you know.  Have you ever just gone up to that person and said, “Hi” just to see if you were right?  That happens to me all the time.  I’m the one that gets approached.  It happens to me a lot.  I hope it isn’t because I am staring.  If I was, I didn’t do it on purpose unless you look like a Wal-Martian.

If anything it’s because I was spacing out.  I guess I am just an approachable person.  The other day I had this guy come up to me (at Wal-Mart) and asked where the place was that was printed on my jacket.  I guess that was a legit question since it was my softball jacket from Japan.  It wasn’t in Kanji or Katakana, it was in English (Misawa Jets).  I guess he wanted to beat me if I was as NY Jets fan or something.  No worries about that, I am a Pittsburgh Steeler fan and I had a few pounds on the guy.  I told him it was a place in northern Japan and I played softball and this was my team jacket.  I guess I confused the guy.  He said, “Oh, OK” and walked away.

Have you ever actually run into someone you knew though?  You see them and you do the polite head nod or the timeless peace sign.  But what if they are in the same isle or right there beside you? Ugh, the stupid questions you get when that happens.

Yup!  Hunting elephants.  WTH!  I guess it’s just one of those awkward moments when you don’t really want to talk but societal rules make you say something.  I guess I can’t really complain about this that much.  I like to talk to people.  I even do the “Dap” and man hug with my best of friends whenever and wherever I see them.  I’m just that kinda guy.

I like to people watch.  I love trying to guess what they are thinking or what they do in life.  I am probably almost always wrong but it’s fun.  Ever try making up a conversation of those you see while watching people talk?  Ha, you can make some crazy ish up doing that.  It takes a little practice.  I think it helps to have a good sense of humor to do it.

I think it’s fun to try and figure out people.  I really like to guess what they are thinking.  I always ask.  You never know what you are missing out on.  And if you don’t tell me what you’re thinking, well, I will just “Enter Thought Here.”

So here is a homework assignment:

Well, I just want you to leave me a comment, who am I kidding?  Give me one of your random thoughts.  No need to be witty or cute.  It can be on anything.  If you want, you can give me a random thought to write about as a topic.  Grading of homework will be subjective…….good luck!