The End Of The Bloggymabobber Weight Loss Challenge

I am usually one to write and allow you to stew in the juice of anticipation of climax to my story.  But today I just don’t have it in me to do that to you.

As many of you know, those that read my blog (not sure who else I am writing to….if you don’t read my blog I have no other way to reach you) that Jamie @ The Life of Jamie and I entered into a gentleman’s agreement (at least on my part it was) to see who could lose the most body weight by the end of July.

My adventure has been somewhat up and down, mostly down.  Yes, I did lose weight but not to max ability.  Jamie traveled all the way from Jamie-ville and planted a rock in my running path that caused me to break my ankle.  This happened in the infancy of our challenge.  I never had the chance to “Get at it” like I wanted.  I had big plans and high hopes that this challenge would help in my pursuit of prime conditioning for the half marathon and duathalon I had planned on entering.

Sometimes my little jockey gets confused and jumps on the back of random stray dogs.

As you read about my journey trying to lose weight with a broken ankle I hopefully painted a picture of a guy that wouldn’t go down easily.  Let me tell you, I used a lot of paint trying to create that picture.  Every step with this broken ankle was like someone hitting me with a bag of horseshoes.  At least now I only have a small jockey sitting on my back hitting me with a riding crop in the ankle.  And if you don’t get my analogies, I put on a brave face, it hurt and still hurts… 😦

I think I still have a good 2 weeks before I’m at full capacity.  But I have a new pair of Brooks Adrenaline GTS 12 running shoes set to arrive on Wednesday!!!!  We’ll see if I can keep them in the box until I heal to 100% or if I feel the need to take them out for diner and a movie.  And by diner and a movie I mean a nice long run.

Ok, well this isn’t about what I am going to do or what I wanted to do.  This post is about what I did and what I accomplished.  Which wasn’t much.  So here is my final weight….(hold the snickers and giggles)

You better not be laughing at my yellow socks. These have a great compression that let my legs go Ahhhhhh!

So where does this leave us?  I started at 229 pounds (that’s a lot of weight but I make it look good) down to 225.6 pounds.  I will take the loss that I achieved since the ankle hindered my ability to do any type of cardio.

What about the final tape?  Ugh, alright I will go and tape myself….hold on!

 11-Jun-12 Right Left
 body measurment Bicep 16 15 3/4
Quad 25 25
Calf 17 16 1/2
Neck 16 1/2
Chest 47
Waist 40
31-Jul-12 Right Left
body   measurment Bicep 16 1/4 16
Quad 26 26
Calf 17 16 1/2
Neck 17
Chest 47 1/2
Waist 38

So it looks like the push ups and pull ups I was able to still do did their job and gained me some size in the chest and neck.  And setting up my bike on an indoor trainer and ride along with the pros during le Tour de France worked for my thighs too!

I would post an after picture but I’m dead tired right now and my allergies are kicking my ass.  You don’t want to see my red puffy eyes and drippy nose anyway.

I know Jamie originally posted that her goal was to lose about 6 pounds which meant I had to lose 10 to match her.  I am not sure where she fell in with her total goal but I know I sure didn’t hit mine.

If you win Jamie, I bow to your superiority.  You have total control of Big Mike’s World for the week.  If you wish to take me on with all of my paws in working order we can take this on again in a few weeks.  This would have been more fun with two working legs but you know, it is what it is….

Thanks for the challenge!

The Toughest Lift Of All Is Your Ass off of the Couch

Good Monday Morning to you all!

Today is the day that I begin a new journey.  I am not only taking on training for a duathlon, a half marathon and a very new diet, I am taking on a challenge from fellow bloggymabobber The Life of Jamie.  The details of the challenge are in my previous post It’s On Like Donkey Kong.

So, today is our weigh in.

Pay no attention to the body fat %. It’s all baby fat and I’m holding a cake…..

I already make this shirt look good! But imagine what I’m gonna look like in a month in a half!

Pay no attention to the hair on my legs in the weight pic.  And the look on my face in the second pic is my, “OMG what am I doing up so early” face.   I only wear 2XL shirts so I found and wore an old XL shirt to let you see more contors of my bod.

Along with the weigh-in I decided to offer up some measurements so you can follow along with my progress and make this an all inclusive adventure for everyone.

  Right Left
Bicep 16 15 3/4
Quad 25 25
Calf 17 16 1/2
Neck 16 1/2
Chest 47
Waist 40

Oh!  And don’t forget you can follow along with some live video of my experiences through my Tumblr blog here.

Once again I wish my competitor, Jamie @ The Life of Jamie, the best of luck.  May we both benefit from this adventure!

And may the best MAN win…. 🙂