I’m Back!

A lot has gone on in the months I have been gone from the bloggy blog world and I plan on sharing some of it with you.  But until I can find the time, I pose you this….

Join me in this challenge!

30 Burpees

There is no place you need to go but an open area that allows you to jump around like an idiot and sweat like a maniac.  I have already done day 1.  I am so out of shape and I have a whole list of excuses for that but instead of using them, I’m going to get back in shape!

Day 1 time: 3 min 32 sec

That is about 7 seconds a Burpee…..Let’s see how low I can get that time.


12 thoughts on “I’m Back!

  1. 3 minutes 32 seconds…you reading a book in between burpees or something? Hee hee. Just kidding Mike. Glad to see you back. I do my Muay Thai Blue shorts test on Saturday but I will take on your challenge. Burpees awaaaayyyy!

    • Coach got jokes! LoL! It felt like I was reading a book towards the end there. This frame of mine is not made for all this quick up and down stuff. That and I want to keep good form while doing these too.

      Good luck with your Muay Thai test.

      Keep on kicking!

      • How goes the challenge? The 30 getting any easier? Test is over…I’m still sore but I am the proud owner of a pair of Blue Shorts! I wrote about it in Rising to the Occassion.
        Keep good form…I’m there with you. I’m leading the cardio at the gym tomorrow so the 30 burpees is gonna be a surprise ending for them!! I’ll ahhh…just blame it on MIke!

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