The Little Man In My Head Needs To Put The Sledge Hammer Down

Hey all!  This is going to be a real quick post.

The past two weeks I have incurred massive headaches during my workouts.  Today I figured I would take it easy and skip my regularly scheduled program and just do some maintenance on the glory muscles.

So there I am clanging weights around and I was feeling good.  So I pressed my luck and increased the weights and intensity.  BLAM!!!!!!  The worst headache crept up my back and landed on my shoulders and in my lower neck.  Son of a +#@%1/& !!!  It doesn’t stay in one spot all the time.

Today I tried some “alternative” alleviation and rubbed some peppermint essential oil into my temples and forehead area.  It worked but it didn’t.

Anyway, I have no idea why I’m getting these things.  My diet is pretty clean, I’m super hydrated and I’m not working out hungry.

I can’t think of what is going on.  And I really need to figure this out to keep training.

Any thoughts Blogging World?

I would appreciate input if you have suggestions.



8 thoughts on “The Little Man In My Head Needs To Put The Sledge Hammer Down

    • The only supplement I take is protein. And that is for after workouts for me. I breath like a pack of animals having sex….that’s why I workout at home. And by that I mean I breath while lifting. 🙂

      • If you are breathing like that, you may be breathing too fast. 🙂 I made the mistake of taking too much Nitrix prior to a workout. My blood pressure shot up, at least that is what I am guessing, and it felt like someone drove an ice-pick through my brain. I was also doing seated rows with around 300 pounds on the machine, at the time.

        Inadvertently, especially when using heavy weights, I have forgotten to breathe. That is when the headaches started….as well as a little heart issue………………..

      • Well, my breathing is not that fast….it’s more loud than anything. I used to not breath during my workouts too. That sucked during deadlifts and squats. But I had a buddy help me with my breathing. He actually suggested I make some noise just so I have that audible queue like a boxer throwing a punch.

        I just went out and bought a blood pressure monitor to see if there is something else wrong. I plan on making a pressure diary to show my doc when I go in.

  1. I think the blood pressure diary is a great idea. Have you had recent injuries to your upper back or neck? When is your appointment? If it isn’t for a couple months, make sure they put you on a waiting list, and call every couple days to see if there were any cancellations.

    Have you tried icing your neck when you get the headaches? If so what does that do? I suggest looking for someone that specializes in headaches, because many times that is a symptom to some other underlying cause. Maybe as simple as blood pressure or an injury, or a symptom to many other things.

    If your headaches get worse and the “worse you’ve ever had” seek help immediately … go to the emergency room. I know … we all hate the emergency room, but don’t overlook it if it appears serious. Follow your intuition. You know if it’s serious or not.

    Please keep us posted. Take care and stay safe.

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