Things You Learn During Physical Therapy

As most of you know I am back in physical therapy.  This time it’s for my neck.  I’m really trying to avoid surgery on my herniated discs. Surgery is just a scary thing to think about.  I have a buddy that had a fusion of his C6 and C7 and it wasn’t as successful as originally thought.  He just recently went in for his second surgery to have the sides of his C7 cut out to free up the nerves as well as have the front of his C6 and C7 fused.

I don’t want that!!!!!!!!

I really hope therapy works but the pain is still there.  I know, I know, things take time to heal and I have only been at this for about 1 1/2 months now.  During my time at this clinic I have learned some great moves for strengthening my neck muscles and some really great stretches.

But that is not what I’m here to write about….

I want to share the things that you learn from talking with people during physical therapy.

First topic on the plate is Hollywood.


How do I know this?  My therapist told me so.  Not in those words but through my summation of what he told me about the human body.

I’m gonna call out only a few actors here because of their physical stature(they are small peps): Jean Claude Van Damme, Chuck Norris and Matt Damon.  But pretty much all of our favorite action heroes are fake!  Really!  No lie.  They all did a “move” that can be done but it is actually a low probability move that only a superhuman could accomplish…..the broken neck twist.  Regardless of the character they played and the supposed training that character had it is still pretty impossible to break someone’s neck by doing the neck twist.

Don’t believe me?  Ask a chiropractor.  Those dudes would all be in jail if it was that easy to break a neck.

The second topic on the plate is Alternative Exercises and Moves.


It doesn’t look it but it does feel good to have a TENS unit hooked up to my neck with a very large and hot pack on.

During one of my electric stimulation sessions the proprietor of the therapy clinic came up to me after he overheard my discussion about liking alternative ways to exercise and trying new moves.  He pulls out his smart phone (his is only smart – mine is intelligent) and proceeds to show me this….

sledgebell-guyIt is called the SledgeBell.  This thing looks awesome.  Here is the LINK if you want to check it out yourself.  I’m still waiting on my permission from the “Ball and Chain” to get one for myself.  But it looks pretty awesome.  I may have to click the purchase button and just ask for forgiveness later.  The weather looks like it wants to change for the better and this is just another reason to go outside.

Well that is it for now.  I leave you with this to think about……….Are you as dedicated to your workouts like this pup is to playing fetch?

dog with sticks and ball


4 thoughts on “Things You Learn During Physical Therapy

  1. I am in PT for my shoulder now. My therapist seems to take great delight in finding new ways to make me look silly doing these exercises!

    Her favorite is for me to be on my hands and knees, with my right arm out and my left leg up and out for 5 seconds. Then, to alternate with the other arm and leg. I do as many of these as I can…until I fall off the big table I am doing these on.

    Get Well!!

  2. I had issues with my lower back years ago and that superman move you described was the best thing for me. I find it amazing that simple movements assist your body to heal itself.

    My therapist has me look like an idiot at times too. I do this one movement that is like a modified wall push up but I start by sliding up and down a wall with my arms extended up as far as possible till I touch my nose to the wall.

    There are times I feel so out of place in there. I see so many people that show signs of their pain. Then there is me where you can’t see it. I’m just doing some head bobs, stretches and weight lifting.

    I hope your therapy goes well.

  3. I’m a huge fan of physical therapy, I hope it helps you. You better get your PTs ok for that sledgeball first, but it looks like fun!

    • Thank you Joy!

      Well, the guy that showed me the video of that gadget is now the one working on me. I told him I was going to get one and asked if it was OK for me to use now. He said as long as I keep my neck in a neutral position I should be good. He also asked me to bring it in once I get it so he can play with it too!

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