The Dilemma Update

Many of you have read my post The First Dilemm Of The New Year and I thank you for that.  Some have asked for the outcome of what my decision was.  And for that matter, what my decision was.

So to recap briefly:

I saw someone at work steal.  As plain as I can put it.  Then I saw another person become a part of the stealing.

I have a strong ethical background in business and life.  I cannot let something like that go.  I don’t care if it’s my business or someone else’s.  I’m not a goodie two shoes but I was raised with right and wrong.  Stealing = wrong!  It doesn’t matter if it’s 5 cents, a pack of gum, or a car…..taking something that is not your property is not right.

So here I am with all of what I just witnessed weighing on my mind.  I did tell my supervisor the next day I was at work.  She was a bit taken back but not fully surprised that it happened.  Nothing could be done without proof though.  As the days passed I found out that others knew of this person stealing.  It has been going on for years!  No one ever said anything.  This had to stop.  I told the manager of my department what I saw.  I was told to get proof that this was happening.  Lucky for me my intelligent phone has a camera.  So the next few times I saw the items being staged for take-away I took pictures of them.  I even followed the person to see if they paid for them.  Sometimes the answer was no.  And other things were taken during the journey to the break room.

I along with a few other employees presented this information to our manager…… fell on deaf eyes and blind ears.

I couldn’t believe this and neither could the other employees.  Here we decided to stick up for this manager and he didn’t seem to care.

I still had the right/wrong thing pinging in my head.  So we took this to the Store Director (above the store manager).  If anyone would care, she would…..right?


Mind Blown………Frustration continues.

The End


2 thoughts on “The Dilemma Update

  1. Back in the day, this was a fire-able offense, and was taken seriously, especially in the grocery business, I worked for Publix at the time.

    When I was frozen foods manager, as well as dairy manager, we always had special lunches with the meat manager and the store manager. This was usually accomplished with “damaged” items that were covered by the vendors. In exchange, the vendors were given preferential space.

    Everyone was trying to figure out why the Stouffers section was two full doors in my frozen foods section while the rest of the stores only had three shelves. The answer, the Stouffers guy also had frozen lobsters! 😉
    He didn’t mind as the Stouffers products sold the most in my store and were always “on sale”!
    Those French bread pizzas were ahead of their time!

    • Oh it is still a very fireable offense. At least according to our employee handbook and Civilian personell. That is pretty much the only way to get fired from a gov job. Well, that and kill someone.

      I see the “special” vendor treatment everyday. Especially the big vendors that visit 3 or so times a week. They get to put up their monster displays, block isles and trash the place like they own place.

      I’m not saying the store director is making money on it but someone has to be pocketing something for what is being done there. I’m not seeing the lobster tails, thats for sure!

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