Angry Balls (TM)

Alright lazy bones!  Time to get off the couch and exercise!

Not now dad! I only had 10 naps so far today…

We have all played Angry Birds on our smart phones….right?

Well, I created a game called Angry Balls for my dogs to play.  It consists of a bunch of squeaky tennis balls being thrown off a wall and the dogs chasing and catching the balls till they pass out.  I call it Angry Balls in tribute to Angry Birds because when the dogs catch or step on the balls they sound like the birds from the game Angry Birds.  That and it is kind of a funny name.  Sooooo, there you have it!

It’s a fun game as long as they don’t get over-anxious and try to grab a ball out of your hand and inadvertently sink a tooth into a finger.  Or they get a crap ton of droll on the balls that they slip out of your hands.  Here is a clip to check out on my Tumblr page (CLICK ME) (CLICK ME TOO) (CLICK THIS ONE TOO) (LAST ONE)

Here’s what you’ll need:

  1. a cute dog or 2
  2. a bunch of squeaky tennis balls (ours are made by Kong )
  3. 1-4 walls (the key here is to have bare walls to bounce the balls off of)
  4. a carpeted floor a plus
  5. lots of energy
  6. a great treat for after the game (we like carrots and honeydew melon)

Tip: Make sure to only play for 15-20 min at a time and do potty breaks or you might end up with a wet playing field.

Good workout dad! I need a nap now….

And I leave you with a little funny something:


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