The Funnier Side of Dinosaurs

What’s a day without a laugh, right?  For me it’s like a day without a workout.  I’m still down about not being able to continue “my” workout regiment.  So I thought there has to be someone else in the world that has it worse than me right now.

Then it hit me……

Why not make fun of something that can’t fight back?

So here we go!

Reasons Why Not To Date a T-Rex


He really doesn’t have one.  I mean, come on….listen to his ice breaker jokes!



Social Life

It’s virtually non-existent.  It’s all because he’s not adaptable to today’s technology.



Ha!  He has none!  Seriously, His arms aren’t even long enough to scratch his own ass.

And his singing is absolutely horrible!  Catchy but horrible!  Why is he so nasally?


Do I really need to say much about this.  This dude doesn’t even have balance to stand without a tail!  But seriously, he doesn’t have a good workout routine.

Dietary Habits

This guy has no willpower.  Bingeing all day, his cholesterol has to be off the charts!

He Had a Rough Childhood

I do feel sorry for him somewhat.  All of the cavemen used to laugh and call him names.  They wouldn’t even let him play any cavemen games.  I mean, why even include him.  Can you see him try playing Head Shoulders Knees & Toes?

Personal Time

This poor guy has issues beyond issues.  But he does make me laugh (not because of his jokes though)

So, hopefully I convinced you that T-Rex is the wrong guy for you.  Which I’m pretty sure I have.

I also hope you have taken something else away from this post.  A good laugh…

There is always someone who has it worse than you.  So if you’re down….Cheer up and think about poor T-Rex!


9 thoughts on “The Funnier Side of Dinosaurs

    • If I were to get another pet the T-Rex is hands down the winner. I too have always loved him. One of the few good memories from my childhood was from Kindergarden. During play time I would usually win the right to pick the first toy. And of course it was the large plastic molded figure T-Rex. As my second choice I would pick a toy Harley for him to ride. Man he was bad ass!

    • Thanks Edie! The ankle is slowly getting less painful. It still doesn’t like to be touched. It feels like it is messed up in two spots and not the one I assumed. But what do I know…..I’m the idiot that ran over the rock to begin with.

  1. T-Rex – not only an awesome creature but a great band as well (age showing here!) Bang a Gong – get it on! Who writes lyrics like that any more? ( who wants to?!) A classic – just like the shirt limbed critter itself. Hope you’re feeling better Mike. I’m doing a few extra kilometers just for you pal!


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