And The Doctor Said……

One week later after I did my random gravity check on the road……

Doctor So&So, “We have reviewed your x-rays and we have come to the conclusion that your ankle is BROKEN! An avulsion fracture to be technical.”

Hey, you!  Stop looking up avulsion fracture in your google machine!  I was gonna tell you what it was.  Now you’re just gonna have to wait….. back to my story.

I was like, “You’re freakin kidding me, right?  I have been going to work and walking on this damn thing since Monday cause your orders were to stay off it for approx 3 days.”

Well, it turns out this isn’t something I can just put a lime in the coconut and drink it all up to be better.  I’m looking at an eight week healing process then rehab.  Well, for me rehab will be putting my shoes back on and finding that rock and kicking it’s ass!

The lump is not as visible yet…still a lot of swelling.

So anyway, I have another appointment next Friday for them to give me a walking boot.  For now I have this plastic brace they gave me that pushes in on the one spot that hurts so bad I want to cry when it is touched.

Oh, yeah, you want to know what an avulsion fracture is don’t you?  OK, so here is the simple and least gross description.  An avulsion fracture is when a ligament or tendon is ripped from the bone and pulls a piece of the bone off with it.  Sounds harmless enough but it also comes with a huge deformed lump that sits on the side of my ankle.  And my foot is turning all kinds of pretty colors.

So if you haven’t figured out by now, I’m very depressed about this situation.  All that running and all those training rides…..wasted with no end result or race entered and concluded.

Partialy in the shadows but still workin out….I will come back stronger

The other day I got a little stir crazy and decided to do my pushup and pullup routine.  It felt good to do a little something and get the arms and back pumped up.  But I still had to hold myself up by hanging on the door frame.

I really could use some clear headed thoughts.  So I want to ask you; my friends, my readers, for some ideas on some exercise that I can do without standing or putting pressure on one leg.

Hit me up…I’m in need of some stress relief.


13 thoughts on “And The Doctor Said……

    • Wow! Thanks for the link. That site has everything on it. I will definitly have to sit down and study it a little and try some ideas out today…..I feel the cellulite slowly creeping back in my body.

  1. Oh no Mike! Is this a concession? 🙂

    Okay- you can do the bike, you can do an arm bike. You can do yoga or pilates (I personally hate both so I can’t blame you if you pass). You can box a speed bag as long as you don’t move too much. You can lift weights like a beast- just no lunges. Once it starts to feel a little better, you should be able to determine what hurts and what doesn’t. You can probably do squats and leg lifts.

    When you do your weights, lighten them a little and pick up the pace for a cardio work out.

    For your broken foot, you can do leg work, like side raises, glute raises, etc. Remember the old Jane Fonda videos where you are on all fours and you pull your leg in to your chest and then straight out? Those will work your muscles and with a little speed, you can incorporate cardio.

    Planks- 1 legged planks are friggin hard! Do lots of abs.

    You can still work your legs, even if you can’t squat at some point, you just have to do it on the floor. It’s probably what you would consider girlie exercises, but they work!

    Kick boxing moves (modified) will offer you some cardio too!

    Email me if you need any more suggestions. I can always scan some stuff that I have and send it to you too!
    Good luck!

    • Thank you Jamie. I don’t consider any exercise “girly.” I have tried it all, sort of. I just want to keep moving. You know, once in motion always in motion and vice versa.

      I like your ideas and will have to give them a go. The only problem is getting up from off the floor once I’m done. I guess I can get some one legged squats in that way.

      I would hate to concede to you so early on. Especially since I have lost body fat but not necessarily weight. Just last week I finally have my 36 in waist jeans fitting loose and have ditched my 38’s (my fat pants).

      • Good for you! You can get off the floor- always keep a chair near by!
        I retain water like a camel in the Sahara…you might win solely based on my water weight! I bet you can still lose weight even with a broken paw! GAME ON!!!

  2. I’m sorry to hear and see your injury. Sure looks painful and just the thought of weeks ahead followed by rehab is depressing. Think about what percentage of your entire life 4-6 months actually is. It is a long time, but percentage wise it won’t seem as much. It’s hard to have an injury and be limited to certain exercises when what you enjoy the most isn’t within your limitations. Have you tried the above exercises? She has provided you with an excellent array of physical activity…it’s just not running or walking!

    You will have a good recovery. Some things you just can’t hurry along, and that is the healing of the body. Keep up with the good nutrition because that does help healing. You’ll have more control over the rehab process…albeit, might seem forever from now.

    I appreciate your picture. Too bad they didn’t get the diagnosis correct from the beginning. Maybe because the amount of bruising and swelling? Did they do an MRI or CAT scan to help diagnose your fracture? Will this heal without surgery? I’m not familiar with this type of injury.

    I do know soft tissue damage is a slow healing process. Is this the type of injury that will take time to heal without any medical interventions? In the meantime, take care of yourself. What a horrible way to spend your summer…but enjoy the simple things in life…like bird watching, children playing, and listening to nature sounds that you are always too busy to appreciate. Can you do aquatics?

    Do know I am thinking of you. (behind on my reading). Take care and stay Safe, Edie

    • Thank you Edie! I appreciate being in your thoughts.

      The military medical system is a weird one and fairly difficult to explain. But they have approx 5-10 min per patient to diagnose-treat-talk then boot out the door for the next person. And the other thing is that we don’t actually have doctor doctors. They are PAs here. So it’s hit or miss sometimes with what they say.

      On this visit they spent most of the time just looking for something to put around my ankle to stabilize it so I can get to radiology for the x-rays. Then it’s just a wait by the phone kinda deal where they will call if it’s bad. It just happened that it took a week for them to view my prints to tell me what really happened. I guess there is no one hour photo booth for these things. But then I have a feeling my poor PA has all the hypochondriac spouses and has no time to follow up on the real problems. At least she had a minute to write out a script for some Vicoden for me. But it has yet to kill or dull the pain.

      When they finally called they said this was not something that surgery could fix. So it’s all about sitting and watching the paint dry.

      Luckily, even with all the budget cuts we still have one swimming pool open on base that I can use. I think I will have to give that a try. But I’m not nuts about being in the water. I don’t float very well…….

  3. All is not lost mate! First, a mere flesh wound…rub some dirt on it right? Here’s the deal: This sucks and it hits us all hard. Your mind is still firing on all cylinders going all out yet your body has a “little” problem at the moment. Mate, from one dude to another ( I hate giving advice!) Step back (with one foot) and take time away from lifting. This is a perfect time to lose yourself in yoga and meditation, allow your mind to slow down and your body to heal up. The weights will still be there when you are ready to go…Be well friend!

    • All things considered, I think this was the perfect time to slow the body down. I appreciate the words of wisdom and the ideas of just doing some yoga and meditation. That might be the best thing for my body to recover. But I’m sure I will turn into the typical workout junkie and push myself one day a week to get a good sweat.

      I may enter a Rascal wheelchair race or something to help pass the time away.

  4. Thanks for the explanation. Err on side of caution when getting into the pool. It sounds so easy to just get into the water, but of course as you put your foot down the water pressure can cause some discomfort. Don’t just jump in, till you figure out what works and what doesn’t. You want to heal well so you can be off and running asap. If it’s too uncomfortable stay with swimming, water exercising, or floating! Keep your head out of the water!LOL Almost all the exercises you do on land can be done in the water, except it’s better on your joints. Let me know how you’re feeling and recovering.

  5. Oh wow! How did you not know that it was broken? You gotta have an insane tolerance for pain or something.

    I don’t have any advice or work out tips for you – just best wishes!

    • It’s funny you said pain tolerance. I do and I don’t.

      If it’s something small I have no tolerance at all. And I’m talking like paper cut type stuff. I usually carry on and exaggerate the pain like Peter would in The Family Guy.

      But if the injury happens in a sport or manly activity and I get hurt….I deal with the pain.

      Right now, I deal with so much daily pain from my neck and the occasional twinge from my 2 old stress fractures in my feet (that I don’t think ever really healed correctly)….what’s a little broken ankle pain added to the mix?

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