The Blogamabobber Weight Loss Challenge Update

Good Saturday Morning Everyone!

It’s that time to show the toesies on the scale to prove I am the best in this competition.  Well, at least the best from this blog anyway.

Here’s my weigh-in:

This time I’m holding a box of donuts!

As you can tell I’m a little shaky from all the sugar in the donuts.  YIKES!!!!

I did post a video earlier in the week saying that I was 2 whole pounds lighter……and I was!  But last night I had softball and well, my team sucks and I got a little depressed cause we blew a 9 run lead and lost.  So when I got home I binged on some junk. 😦

This is what happens when I get chocolate wasted!!!

It’s a bit blurry, I know!  The photographer is a bit unsteady themselves.  That and I’m like a humming bird.  I’m so quick in my movements it’s hard to catch me standing still, even while asleep.  I’m not proud of my binge but it happens to the best of us.  Look what happened to me.  I woke up with two hairy hookers in my bed!  And one seems to be a neutered male!!!

Well folks, I need to head to work and earn some bacon.

I promise better results for next week!

Thanks for cheering me on!!!!!!


6 thoughts on “The Blogamabobber Weight Loss Challenge Update

  1. OK! That’s it…what’s your address? If we are going to win this challenge I see I am going to have to come over there with my split bamboo cane! Oh the things I do to help out!
    No worries Big Mike. It’s not a torture test…we all have our off days.
    So… GET UP! GET OUT! GO GO GO! Moooove it! Moooove it!
    There…imagine that screamed at you as I’m wearing my Drill Sergeant hat on this huge 5’6″ 140 lb. frame, holding that bamboo stick!
    You CAN do it Mike…sans the doughnuts and chocolate.


    • No worries on the diet Coach. I have that situation under control now….no doughnuts….I can’t remember the last time I even saw one. I just use that as a psychological play to get to Jamie.

      I will take your motivation (Moooove it!)and make that my new mantra for the next few weeks or until I need to create a new one.

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    • Thank you Jamie! Just the fact that we are doing this we both get the applause! This week is going to be tough for me cause I’m working a crap ton of hours but I will bring it the best I can…….

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