It’s On Like Donkey Kong!

We here at Big Mike’s World love us a challenge.  In fact we don’t really turn one down.  It’s like calling Marty McFly a chicken or yellow.  Our friend over at the The Life of Jamie threw down the gauntlet and unfortunately for her, it broke into many pieces and she can’t pick it up and take back her challenge.

The challenge is to see who will lose the most percentage of body weight by 31 July of this year (I hope that is what she meant…).  Little did our friend Jamie know that I am a mad scientist as well.  My laboratory and I have been researching the magic weight loss pill that doesn’t require any exercise whatsoever!

Oh!  You want the secret of my weight loss pill, do ya?  OK!  It’s just a sugar pill with a tapeworm egg in it.  Yeah!  That’s right, a tape worm!

Freddie and I, yeah I named my tapeworm Freddie, will not lose this battle of weight loss.  Poor Jamie, she really has no clue what hit her yet.

So here is the full challenge:

We have until 31 July to see who loses the most percentage of weight.  We will be taking progress pictures and posting them on Saturdays.  My pictures will be more of a psych-out pose.  I will probably be holding an extra large pizza with all the toppings.  Just to try and mess with Jamie mentally in hopes she falls off course (I don’t like to lose).

The winner will gain control over the other’s blog for a week!  Or we can do a monetary wager…..

What do you all think?

Oh and she suggests a shirtless pics of me too….I think you guys just want to see how hairy I really am!!  I’m not so sure of the shirtless pic though.  Sasquatch might need to stay in hiding.  You never know who might show up at my door.  I may do one at the very end when I have time to sharpen the hedge clippers and do some manscaping!

I will however be doing body tapeage…..I like to see where I lose and where I gain.  So you will be privy to all my measurements as well.

Tomorrow morning will be pre challenge feet on scale weight shot.

Stay tuned as I open up a can of whoop-ass!  Sorry Jamie but I’m gonna go all out Honey Badger on this challenge…….


7 thoughts on “It’s On Like Donkey Kong!

  1. Well big mike…I hope your mouth is big so you can put your money in it! And yes, we are in a challenge to LOSE weight. I don’t want to loose weight though, that would just look silly! I’m gonna drop the bomb on you, baby! Be prepared to shake in your extra skin!!!

    • Hehehe! I like it! I love it when someone else can bring it! But you got to cut me a little slack. I wrote this at 5 this morning before I went to work. My eyes were still closed.

      And just so you know the only supplements I will be using is my protein powder and multivitamin. Just so there is not thoughts of hanky panky on my end when I shed the remains of my baby fat.. 🙂

      This is gonna be fun!

      In all seriousness….Thanks for thinking of me for the challenge.

      • No problem! I will post tomorrow, but probably a little later in the day. I have to go teach my fitness class tomorrow morning. You know you’re going head to head with a fitness instructor right?

    • Thank you Drew….but I won’t need it! With my diet of donuts and Mt. Dew I can’t lose!

      In all seriousness, if you wanted to get in on this or just see what you can do on your own for some fun and fitness, you should.

      If you want to join in do the pre-you photo and scale shoot and link back to us and we will include you!

      • Hahaha no thanks, Big Mike. I’m away on a holiday next week, so that’s gonna take me out of any challenge. I will do the same as what I do with football and skateboarding, and be a spectator!

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