Public Enemy #1

Happy Monday Everyone!

My weekend blew…I hope yours was better.  I lost my mental focus during work and made a booboo.  It wasn’t a horrible mistake like calling a customer a Dill-hole or something.  But rather a mistake that someone that went through my line gained some extra cash from my drawer and said nothing about it.  So now I’m Public Enemy #1 at work.

It’s my bad and I own the mistake but I was pissed and lost all focus and motivation to workout like usual the past 3 days.  On top of the mistake I now have to go through the ritual of being red ball gagged, tied up and bent over a splintered wood table while being beaten with a wet reed.  Well, maybe not all that but I do get to be embarrassed in front of my coworkers by having my drawer counted to ensure I am not a kleptomaniac.  This will happen for the next 2 weeks.  So if someone didn’t know about it, there will be a chance they will see it happen and know then.

Since my job is so not mentally satisfying, I am trying to keep stats on my work output.  I know….what a nerd.  But when all you do is scan things, count money, ask people if they want paper or plastic, and read the trash mags… needs to fill in the void with some type of mental exercise.  Since last week I found that the registers keep some simple stats on each cashier.  I was excited to hear this.  It saves me from trying to figure it all out on paper.  So up to today I have a 36 item per min scan speed, an average of .7o min customer checkout time and I have about 33 customers an hour.  I know, I know but those numbers don’t add up.  They are all averages from all the days that I have worked.  So what does it all mean?  Well, compared to other people’s stat averages – 24 items, 1.45 min, and 22 customers….I blow them all out of the water.  So why the persecution for having 1 mistake (and never being a penny over or under before)?  It’s their rules….

Ehhh, whatever!

So now you’re caught up with my pathetic work life… is what is going on with my workouts!

Nothing!  I just told you…didn’t you listen!

Prior to my weekend snafu, I was doing well with my training.  Training for what?  Well, that is still up for debate.  I plan on doing some organized runs at some point.  I really want to do a 1/2 marathon soon but I may wait till Oct for the St. Louis one.  It’s right down the street from me and I get to ride the metro for free….no need to try and drive while my legs won’t work.

I am more excited that I’m back on my bike again.  I love riding!  Let me restate that….I LOVE RIDING!  And now I’m starting to run then ride in the same day, which means I may be looking at a potential bike/run race to do (I would look at a short Tri but I would drown…I don’t swim).  But I have 2 bike races that I have my sights on already.  One is on base which should be fairly easy.  Then there is a Tour de’ Donut race where you get time bonuses for consuming donuts during the ride.  Not sure that is ideal for a race but it sounds fun!  Anything with donuts sounds fun!

Anyone have any cool races happening near them?  I have shoes and or bike, whichever one applies, and willing to travel!

Well, it’s raining right now with a temp of 89 degrees out and I still need to get a few more running miles in before the day ends.  I better go before it gets super dark out and I can’t see the dogs stalking me.

Here’s to not being a snausage tonight!


4 thoughts on “Public Enemy #1

  1. Sorry to hear about your mistake at work. It happens to all of us, and sometimes it just really sucks that much more when it affects you outside of work.

    • It’s weird that it is taboo to bring your personal life into work but how easily work life leaks into your personal life. i think it effected me so much because I’m a perfectionist. I just don’t make mistakes….except in my diet.

    • That ride sounds awesome! I used to be a perennial rider of the Hotter n’ Hell 100 in Wichita Falls TX. But my riding posse moved away and as you probably know, distance riding is much better with friends.

      Well, it’s that time of the day to put some miles on the running shoes then some miles in the saddle.

      Thanks for the support CultFit!

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