Super Healthy Weekend Update

OK peeps! So, if you read my last post you know I decided to go ultra healthy for my 3 day weekend. I figured it was safe to do it during my days off in case I get all cranky from no carbs and all this exercise.

Yesterday, Friday, I did a 3 1/2 mile run…can’t remember my time but I took it a little slow because I didn’t want to burn out on my first exercise of the day. After my run I made my favorite western omelet with a few healthy scoops of pico de gallo, liquid egg whites and fat free cheddar cheese. I also had a few strips of turkey bacon. Now you may be thinking, but Mike I thought you said carb free? I did and there is such an insignificant amount of carbs in egg substitute (approx 1 gram per cup). The same goes for the fat free cheese and the turkey bacon (both are about 2 grams per cup) and I didn’t have that much of it either.

So I gave myself an hour or so to recover from the run then set out for my first bike ride of the season. I’ll do pictures of my equipment in a different post but you can see me in my Tumblr video, Big Mike's World on Tumblr. I did a solid 36 or so miles in just over an hour. I know! First ride out I killed it. But to be 100% honest it was a really flat route but into the wind in all directions. I did have to stop for a train on my second lap which gave me a little recover time. I wanted to do more but it was scorching hot out and I ran out of water. That and I still had to conserve some energy to do my Arnold Schwarzenegger arm routine.

I came home and let the dogs out to play and chase some moles and their soccer balls while I scrubbed the earth off my body. It’s amazing how much dirt and bugs stick to ya after a bike ride. For lunch I had a hand full of sliced turkey and 2 sticks of string cheese. At this point I was toast so I laid in bed with my legs elevated to help flush the crap through my veins. I think I fell asleep for an hour but I can’t tell if it was sleep or just really relaxed.

I dragged my lazy butt out of bed, got my weights in order, and plugged my iPod in and cranked the angry music! Let me just say that Arnold’s arm routine looks simple on paper but when you hit the 5th set of each exercise you want to cry because the weight is trying to rip your arms off by then. I started the barbell sets off with 100 lbs and worked up to 125 and pretty much blew all my energy on those. The other exercises were with dumbbells. I ranged from 30 – 40 lbs through each exercise. I took a picture of myself after the workout and barely could hold my phone up to take the picture. That too is on my Tumbler.

Dinner consisted of chicken and broccoli and my protein shake. Yes! I know! The protein shake has carbs but it was a necessity to help in my recovery. I don’t count that anyway because it is a part of the workout routine.

So how do I feel today? Well of all the things that hurt, my arms, I thought it would have been my legs from all the use. But they feel great! My arms on the other hand……ugh! My one dog must have slept on my left arm all night because I could not feel it. But all in all they are a bit stiff and sore but nothing like a few pushups and a good run won’t cure…..ya right!

Speaking of a good run…….time for mine!

Later peps!


2 thoughts on “Super Healthy Weekend Update

  1. It doesn’t surprise me that your arms hurt. When I started working out after a month break, I did what I thought was alight workout. Apparently my arms didn’t agree, especially my biceps.
    From a low carb standpoint, real bacon has less than 1 per serving and if you want a zero carb protein shake, Isopure makes one in several flavors. Strawberry is my favorite. The vanilla is…well..vanilla!
    Here is a pretty good list for carb counters:

    • Thanks for that carb chart, It is very thorough. I might just have to try the Isopure after a little research. I haven’t noticed a whole lot of energy loss with the lack of carbs so far….. This might be something I try every week for a change up.

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