Fitness, Reality and Random Crap

So it has been a while since I have written.  I know…you miss me!  But you can follow me on Twitter or on Facebook on either my fan page or my personal page.  I’m a nice guy, lets be friends 🙂

A lot has been going on since I wrote my last post Debate of The Week #7.  It has been almost 2 weeks for heaven’s sake!

Today is my first day off for the week.  It is kind of like a double edge sword.  I still can’t believe I get to say I have a day off but then my days off are fairly random and usually in the middle of the week, which sucks.  But it is nice to be able to say that my ogre of a boss finally gave me a day off.  Not that my boss is an ogre nor my boss for that matter, she is my supervisor, which is not a boss but a person that supervises my work.  I still don’t know who the boss is nor does it matter.  I’m not that important cog in the commissary process, so I will probably never need to know.  I am just the face of the store for the customers as they pay for their items and finalize their shopping experience.  So I’m not that important…..

Work is fun and interesting but can be a back breaker at times.  It is nice to be noticed by my supervisor for my exemplary work ethic by moving me to the busiest registers during the day to keep the cattle moving through with a smile.  The bad thing about it is that the other employees resent me a little because I always have a smile and seem to enjoy the job.  Just yesterday I was asked by, lets call him “The Grumpy Old Man,” if my niceness and cheery attitude toward customers was real or an act.  It is obvious he can’t tell the difference since he hasn’t had a real feeling in years and wouldn’t know how to show it.  He is the most gruff person I have ever met.  I can barely tell if he is asking questions or making statements to customers.  Everything he says is in the same tone and with no feeling.  I think I made him smile yesterday though.  It was either that or he had gas.

So yesterday I got to sleep in a little.  Which was nice.  8AM seems like I’m sleeping till noon now.  It’s crazy!  I had 2 hours before I had to leave for work so I read a few of my favorite WordPressers and made a few comments.

One of them being, Stephanie @ My glorified Journal. She has been pretty motivating in her posts.  If you haven’t been following her you should be.  Let me fill you in if you haven’t.  She is taking on two challenges in her life right now.  Her one goal is to compete in a body building/fitness posing competition.  She is rapidly closing in on that day and well on her way to probably becoming a fitness model.  Her second goal is to become the next female face of Under Armour.  She entered into that competition a few weeks ago and asks her followers for some ideas to complete the UA tasks.  Anyway I was pretty motivated by all she is doing I decided to try and do a little workout myself before work.  By the time I got to workout I felt I only had time to pump out a few hundred pushups/shower/shave and dress for work.

It all turned for the worse in a flash of a second after I left for work.

A little back-fill: I have this thing about being super early for things.  I think it is a nervous mental thing I have but I just need to be early for everything I do or my stomach gets all knotted up and I get sick.  Weird, I know!

So I had a few extra minutes before I left for work but wanted to get there early anyway.  Hey, you never know what traffic could be like (I only live 2 miles away from the base).  Anyway, I am sitting at the last red light before being on the main drag for the base main gate.  There is me on my side of the light and two cars in the oncoming light, one was in the turning lane but didn’t have their turn signal on.  that should have been my first clue of this person being a dumbass.

The light turns green and I take off……and so does everyone else!!!!!  The dumbass, in the oncoming turning lane, tries to make a left hand turn into me, head on!  WTF!!!!  Lucky for me my Mazda 3 and I are one with reflexes and responsiveness in our evasive maneuvers.  The dumbass just misses the front end of my car with not as much as a tap of the brake by them.  I saw it was some old lady realizing her mistake by grasping her mouth with one hand and punching the gas to make sure her car is going much faster than mine in order to pulverize me, if she hit me.  Probably so she can go on in her own miserable life and leave me rotting in the intersection.

Really?  I mean, REALLY?  She was probably texting……

So out of this whole experience I learned that I should have taken 5 more minutes to do some situps or something and not worried about being so early for work that I make barely any money at.

But as I was walking into the building I witnessed something pretty profound.  All along the side of the building there are flowers and roses and other smelly pollen makers blooming.  This lady just stops on the side walk and bends over to smell a few of the different flowers.  My whole attitude changed from heart pounding rage to realizing that what could have happened to me, didn’t happen, and I should maybe slow down a bit and smell the roses for myself.  So the rest of the day I tried my hardest to be the nicest person anyone would meet that day.  I also picked up some Ben & Jerry’s Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough ice cream for my wife to show I was thinking of her.

Everything is better after ice cream!


6 thoughts on “Fitness, Reality and Random Crap

  1. it only counts as “thinking of her” if you don’t eat the carton! Every once in a while, I look up into the hills near my house, watching the sunset and think just how damn lucky I am. It will change your perspective for a little while.

    • I don’t dare touch her ice cream! I don’t even really like ice cream that much anyway.

      I had that “damn lucky” feeling when we lived in Alaska for 3 years. Every which way I turned I was in awe of life and nature. Then there was my encounter with a momma moose and her baby and the time I was mt. biking and had a grizzly jump out behind me from the brush!!!! Those were another kind of “damn lucky” feeling. I learned you can talk yourself out of a moose encounter….a bear, not so much – just pedal faster works best.

  2. All those close encounters…enjoy life because it can change in less than a fraction of a second! I love your attitude of being cheerful, smiling and kind to other humans. That’s an attribute many do not possess. Maybe it will rub off on the “grumpy old man”. He probably doesn’t realize and still has not learned what life is all about. You are teaching others through your generous and fun-loving nature what truly is important in life by smiling, conversing and acknowledging others.

    • I think I may be changing the “grumpy old man.” He seems to be a little happier when I am near him. He doesn’t talk much to anyone else. But I think I bring that out in him. People just seem to be at ease around me and talk freely.

      I think you just described the meaning of life….realize how fragile life is and have a positive effect on the people around you. Most people don’t stop to think about what is going on around them or what their actions do to those around them. I like to be around happy people and I believe that all starts with my attitude toward life.

  3. Your posts are always a fun read! Thanks for the mention BTW! I’m glad you’ve found my journey motivating and hey getting some pushups in is better than nothing at all 🙂 I absolutely hate when people can’t drive and seriously question their sanity at times. I too have a handy dandy Mazda 3 and cat-like reflexes so can usually handle whatever crazy driving situations are thrown my way. As for that simple moment that changed your outlook on the entire day… I LOVE those moments. I always feel so fulfilled when I have one of those days that I’m not driving like I’m in a rush and let people merge etc in front of me, or hold the door open for people whenever possible, or even pass along coupons I’m not using or it seems like someone could use at a store. Oh the simple things…

    • Thank you Stephanie! Your journey is especially interesting to me because you are doing what I wanted to do when I was 20. I was doing the 2 a days in the gym and had ALL of my friends and coworkers tell me I couldn’t do it. I actually had some laugh in my face(no one understood that I didn’t have to look like Arnold). I was 3/4 of the way there and I let them all get to me. So I quit on my pursuit and never did the show. I went to watch and was so mad cause from what I saw, I would have taken home the glory if I followed through.

      I want everyone that I come in contact with to succeed in everything they do (the good things). I can’t wait till you can tell me what it was like to get up on that stage and fulfill that dream….

      Stay focused, Stay strong, GO GET IT!

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