Me Neither!

I’m kinda laid up and can’t exercise until later this week.  And I have been really cranky because of it.  So I allowed my brain to exercise and all  these “I wonder….hmmm” type questions came to mind (luckily there were pictures for them all).  I just want to see if any of you have taken the same journey.  I hope they make you smile if you’re having a cranky day too….


Have you ever walked into a spider web after the person in front of you just went all ninja like through it?

Me neither!



Have you ever walked into a room of your house and see something like this and just ignored it in hopes that the next person that comes in does something about it?

Me neither!




Have you ever texted someone just after talking to them on the phone but never receive a response back but the one time you do it back to them you get a call *itching you out that you didn’t respond back?

Me neither!



Have you ever been in a conversation either in person or on the phone and you just wanted to say what this guy just said?

Me neither!


Have you ever got all excited to try some of the home crafts you watch on TV then successfully attempt and complete them like this?

Me neither!




Have you ever wondered if your fantasies are just simple realities that you refuse to see?

Me neither!






Have you opened a box and some bubble wrap was in there and before you know it you just have a wilted piece of plastic with no bubbles?

Me neither!



Have you ever just had one of those days on Facebook?

Me neither!






Have you ever thought of having to do this, if you had to?

Me neither!









Have you ever slept with a weapon to the left of your bed in case this is possible?

Me Neither!






Until next time…….



12 thoughts on “Me Neither!

  1. Hahahah I have walked into many spiderwebs like that! And I had a golf club stashed behind the door… just in case.

    A golf club would be pretty useless against zombies… but I don’t have a baseball bat handy.

    • Look at you, field hockey stick! Great choice. I have my 6 ft defensive lacrosse stick near by. Take the head off of it and I have a fighting staff. Too bad for me I don’t know that martial art (fail).

  2. Well – I certainly can relate to the spider web… to the extreme. While elephant riding in Nepal I asked the Mahoot riding in front of me what the scariest think he’d encountered in the jungle was. A minute or so later he leaned to one side and a spider web, complete with huge, though thankfully not poisonous, spider loomed right in front of my face…and quickly engulfed my whole head. Karate master? Bruce Lee would have been in trouble. Hard to freak without falling off the elephant too!
    “Those things” the mahoot chuckled.
    Whew! Who knew?

    Great post

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