Wanna See My Glamor Muscles?

OK so here is my rant.  For those of you that have read some of my earlier posts I talked about how working out is important to me.  Well, I was thinking of how I don’t like the gym and that is probably why I looked towards P90X to help me out and get past my ego driven hatred of lifting weights with guys that just try and out lift you on the station next to you in the gym.

So thinking back to those days, I realize it was just my ego getting to me.  Or was it?  Way back in the dark ages when I started lifting weights for sports I would be in the gym watching/noticing these big muscle guys spend my entire workout time standing in one area possibly doing a set or two of bench presses.  I really think that is all they did plus some bicep curls because looking at them they were just one big blob from their shoulders to their waist.  No real muscle definition just bulk to fill up a shirt.  I call these guys social lifters.  They do more talking than working out.  It made me mad that these guys walked around in the same gym hoarding machines and workout areas.  Here I am trying to sculpt my body the right way, the balanced way, from neck to cankles.  Get out of my way.  Go take a steam or something.

I know there was some rampant steroid use when I started lifting.  Not by me but by some others I knew.  These guys blew up fast and always wanted to lift more, even multiple times a day.  I think that is what drove me a way from lifting for a while.  There was just too much pressure in the air to meet, beat or just compete with others while lifting.  That’s not what it’s supposed to be about.  Leave me alone and let me do my sets and I’ll get out of your mirror space.

So I’m sure you have figured out what glamor muscles are by now right?  OK, well let me clarify for you.  To make this simple, they are the muscles that you want to bulk up to show off to the ladies.  That would be your chest, arms and the upper back and shoulders.  That doesn’t leave much left but for someone that wants to look balanced you need to work out the gams (legs).  Most of these guys don’t and they look stupid.  Hold on!  Let me back pedal a bit here.  Some guys just can’t build their legs based on their genetic make up.  Some legs are going to be skinny because they run.  But when I see guys in the gym 5 times a week doing bench presses and arm curls in the same spot every day, I know….

Now I don’t want to sound like the muscle police here but I just get sick of guys strutting around with little legs and big arms thinking they are the ish.  They might as well be wearing the ripped muscle shirts and pj bottom type pants.  Which reminds me of this  SNL skit with Chris Farley, Adam Sandler, David Spade, Jay Mohr and Emelio Estavez in:

How Much Ya Bench (sorry for the poor quality clip)

Probably the funniest thing beside Chris Farley’s roid rage rant at the end is the fact that everyone on stage had fake legs but David Spade.  🙂

OK, deep breath…..Ahhhh!  Much better.

That concludes my rant.  Thank you for reading!


2 thoughts on “Wanna See My Glamor Muscles?

  1. I remember that SNL bit. I can’t click on it for unspecified reasons at the moment, but wasn’t Emilio Estevez in it?

    Every expert will say that legs are the most important to work. You can lift the most weight and put the most weight on them. That’s the one part of my body I never have a problem with. If wearing short shorts and a heavy sweatshirt was normal I would be the sexiest man alive.

    • Circle gets the square! Emilio was the moderator in the skit. He calls out brother Charlie Sheen and says he deserves an ass beatin. Then Charlie calls in to the show. Still laughing at it.

      Sounds like your physique is like an Olympic speed skater. Or you just like to dress as a 70’s disco skater. I’m sure it’s one of those. 🙂 Just kidding. I on the other hand wear all Under Armour stuff. But I just can’t seem to find their products that come with the muscles included.

      I love working out legs. Maybe because I’m a leg man….well, I like women legs. Not having woman legs but I like women’s legs.

      I just gave myself a headache.

      Reply Over & Out!

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