The Best Push Up You’ll Ever Do

Do you think you are mentally tough?  How about physically able to do anything?  I bet you think you have the stamina to keep up with me.

So you think you are a tough guy, huh?  Well let’s see you do one push up.  Yeah that’s right, do one, I dare you.  Can you feel the pain?  Do you think you can do another?  Whoa there partner.  Let’s not get to ahead of yourself.  You have proven yourself physically able to do one.  Before you do another I want you to remember what that first push up was like.  Did you feel the pain?  Where did you feel it, your arms?  Maybe a little tingling running down the front of your head to your shoulders?  Did you enjoy yourself?

OK, so now you tried your first push up.  Let’s try a push up with one hand.  Ah, a little harder isn’t it?  You aren’t as tough as you thought you were.  You need more flexibility and some dexterity with just one side.  Huh, I thought you said you were tough?  Don’t give up now.  You’re almost there.  Just a little more…..

Alright, alright, STOP!  Before you hurt yourself.  I guess I should have told you how to do it.  Put your hand in front of your body and position it so that you have stability but yet the right amount of strength.  So you can’t use your hand like in the two handed push up, right?  So here is the trick.  Keep your fingers spread out and cover as much ground as you can.  Dive in face first a little.  There is no shame if your nose touches.  Get dirty, son!  But keep your back straight!  We need to avoid injury.

Oh yeah!  Now you’re feeling it!  Here we go.  The last challenge.  Can you keep up with me?  I will even let you do the push up however you want.  Here is where we separate the men from the boys.  I want you to really feel the burn.  This is part mental and part stamina.  Do your best.  First person to do 2 more push ups wins.


Oh wow!  I think I won.  But I can’t quite see straight.  I’m on a little bit of a sugar high right now.  I need to wash the orange sticky goo off my face and fingers.  Nothing like the taste of that orange flavor and the brain freeze that follows.  Wait!  Whaaa?  I was talking about the frozen orange treat from the Good Humor Man.  You know, Push-Ups.  What did you think I was talking about, exercise?


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