How Do I Get Out Of This Mess?

So today was a day I just couldn’t seem to focus on much but my workout.  I feel I am suffering a little from writer’s block.

I kinda feel like the cartoon above.  I don’t want to let my readers down without posting a little something to keep you salivating for more.  I have so many posts started but no way to finish them.  Well, some of them just are not ready to be finished.  I usually find it hard to write when I’m very cranky.  Which I am right now.  I had a root canal done yesterday and the tooth is super sensitive today.  Forget about eating anything with any type of crunch.  OUCH!  😦

I was searching online for that secret pain cure but only found a fairly simple eHow post with common sense suggestions.  I was not given any pain killers but told to take my own Motrin 800 for the pain.  Gee thanks!

Enough of my complaining.  Here is a list of the titles I’m working on for your future reading pleasure:

  1. The Best Invention No-One’s Invented Yet
  2. Wanna See My Glamor Muscles?
  3. You Are Here ->
  4. Dust
  5. My Wal-Mart Rant
  6. What Did I Miss?
  7. The Re-Integration Project
  8. The Japan Experiment Chuuhen

I now see how hard it is to keep up with a blog and keep the thoughts going in a way to keep you entertained.  So I am reaching out to you in Readerville to help me out and give me a few suggestions on what you would like to hear from me.  I am horrible with deadlines.  So if you do post a suggestion please do not add a deadline.

I am really interested in knowing what you would want to hear from me.


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