These Buds Are For Me!

So it’s been a few days now that my wife has been home from her deployment and her sister came to visit.  We figured to fill the time in by taking a tour of the St. Louis Anheuser-Busch Brewery on Saturday.  This was my second time there (can never have enough free beer!).  There was not much in our plans for the rest of the day so we did two tours actually.  The first tour was of the free variety.  This one consisted of the entire campus; packing plant, Beechwood aging tanks, the brewery itself, the Clydesdale Stables and of course the Hospitality Room (Free Beer!).

Let’s just skip to the drinking!  The rest of the tour was pretty boring.  We didn’t get close enough to anything to snag a beer off the line or anything so nothing to really write home about except the Huge Horses.  I don’t really like horses.  Well, not that I don’t like them, I’m afraid of them.  They’re bigger than me and they are scary, so they’re not on my Christmas list.

On To The Beer!

So, yeah, I busted my new diet by binging this weekend and ate a bunch of crap food and drank a lot of beer.  But hey, I was good for a solid 7 weeks.  Maybe that’s why I drank so much.  I can still taste the beer, kinda.  It’s a mental thing for me.  So on the free tour we got to try 2 beers on tap or some of their specialty drinks in a bottle.  I chose to go with some Stella Artois and Wild Blue.  Both were great.  But then you could have given me some dishwater and called it beer and I would have liked it.  Some of the other tasty beverages that were sampled were Bud Light and Sangria.

Ahhh, sooo good!  We finished our Hospitality Room Rampage just in time to get into our second tour.  This time we were gonna get our learn on about beer.

On To Beer School!

So we stagger up the stairs of the main building to get to our class room.  Probably something they need to reconsider seeing how we took the free drinking tour first, then having to walk up the stairs.  But we made it up fairly safely.  Somehow I drew the short stick and got the chair with my back to the front of the room so I had to wrench my neck around when the “instructor” was talking.  I was more focused on the beer in front of me but I had to play along.  I’m not going to bore you with the details of what and how beer is made.  You can look that up if you’re that interested.  We did get to touch and taste all the things that go into it though.

On To The Drinking!

So in this picture you see that they give us 4 glasses to taste and play with our beer in.  We got to try Bud Light, Stella Artois, Hoegaarden and Bass.  All fairly good beers but I enjoyed Stella and Hoegaarden the most.  Although I am more of a dark porter or stout drinker if I have the choice.  But nonetheless the aftermath left on our table was equal to that of a little kid being a good boy cleaning his dinner plate.

It was interesting that some of the ingredients make the beer behave differently in the glass and foam a certain way.  But in the end, it’s all about the taste for me.  We got to keep the big silver bottle opener as our graduation present and we got a big certificate with our names on it.  I’m so proud, another degree that will not get me a job.

Wow, that was good!  But now we were hungry.  Our one friend we brought with us suggested we go to a local brew pub.  What a GREAT idea, more beer!  So we ventured down the road to Schlafly Tap Room.  It was a hidden little place but not so hidden because it was an hour wait for a table.  But wait!  There is a bar!  Let’s get some beer to hold us over till we get to eat.  Good idea said the group.  So I fought my way through the bar flies just lingering for free drinks and ordered a Coffee Stout for me and a Cider for the Mrs.  The others tried the New Zealand IPA (grapefruity taste).  All were really good.  The food was food.  Not the best place in the world but I can’t complain about the dead cow with fries I had.  The first grease I had in 7 weeks.  It slid down so easily.

All in all a good day I would say.  But it became even better.  I went home, took a nap, woke up, ate pizza and watched a move.  Now, that was a good day!


2 thoughts on “These Buds Are For Me!

  1. I’ve done that same tour my bff and I had to catch lunch close by to try and absorb the free beer we did drink. 😀 I love STL btw!

  2. We made the mistake of not really eating before we went. We did a quick stop at The Saint Louis Bread Company and got a coffee and a snack before heading into town. I am still regretting all that beer. I’m not much of a drinker anymore. I used to be in my college days but who wasn’t? For me the jury is still out on the STL area. I’m an East Coast boy struggling with this humidity and heat here. I want snow!

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