The Mouth vs. Nose Breather

It’s time for a little writing therapy.  Sorry for not posting anything for a bit but my wife finally returned from her deployment.  I figured my time was better spent with her than writing.  Not that I don’t appreciate my readers.  But I have to live with my wife! 🙂 So on with my therapy.

The mouth vs nose breather is all about the differences in people.  My wife mentioned to me that I was not snoring the past few nights because I seemed to be breathing differently when I sleep.  Well, thank you for noticing.  Your snoring has been keeping me awake so I couldn’t fall asleep to snore. 🙂 But I have been consciously trying to fall asleep with my mouth closed the past few nights because that seems to lower my chances of snoring which creates a chain reaction of hits and pushes from the wife about shutting up.  But snoring is not really what I’m talking about here.

I want to share a little more of what Bio-parents did to me to distort my view on the world.  When I was little, I don’t know what age but young enough to believe their ridiculousness.  My parents told me that poor people would breathe through their nose when they sleep and rich people would breathe through their mouth.  Yeah right!  So I needed to see if this was true.  Remember how I told you that I spent a lot of my life at my grandparents, well, I would be there when my cousins of my fairly well off uncle were there.  We would all sleep in the same room.  This was the perfect time to test out my bio-parent’s theory.  Low and behold they were right.  They would breathe through their mouths when they slept!  Those SOBs, how dare they!  LOL!  I was a stupid kid, wasn’t I?  To actually believe that money made people breathe differently.

Needless to say I spent the next few years breathing with my mouth closed to meet the requirements of my family’s economic background.  I think it was around the time I began to grow my own brain and rebel from bio-parents that I started to realize they were full of crap.  To think that someone’s comments made me feel a certain way towards another person.  For years I despised my cousins all because they would breathe a certain way.  Look at them flaunting their richness at me by breathing through their mouths.  Well, thankfully I now know better and found out that people are just different.  And thankfully I now have a good relationship with all of my cousins.

So feel open to breathe anyway you want to around me.  I won’t judge…..I promise!


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