My Frustration Rant

I am declaring today to be the International Share Your Frustration Day.

So today is Monday.  I really dislike Mondays.  Monday always symbolizes the potential of last week happening all over again.  I guess that could be a good thing for some of us.  But for me it isn’t always a good sign.

I suffer from a lack of serotonin.  For some of you that means depression.  For me that just means I need a pick me up to get moving in the morning (coffee does not work).  Which could be why I want to stay in bed.  I try not to make excuses but it’s hard not to.

I have been unemployed for 2 years now and it is weighing very heavily on my mind.  The only offers I have had were of companies wanting me to start my own franchise of their brand.  I have the know-how, the drive and the ability to do it but I just don’t have the stability in life to do that sort of thing right now.  It would be hard to do especially since my wife is military and we move every 2-3 years.  Right now I need a job for the sanity and most importantly the feeling of self worth.

I don’t know why I am really sharing this with you.  You don’t need to know my problems nor do you have to care about them.  I just always feel better after typing them out.  Sometimes I just want to scream, “Why Me!” It frustrates me to see others that have a job and couldn’t give 2 ish’s about what they do.  They show disdain for what they do and for their employers.

I have been contemplating starting my own business dealing with marketing.  I have been working with an author who needs help with self publishing her stories.  I have been offering my typing and editing abilities to get her going with getting more stories out.  I have been doing a little at a time trying to help integrate her into what needs to be done in the world of marketing and promotion.  Social media, blogs and the internet are a scary thing for someone that only likes to write on paper.  I figured if I could only find more authors like that I would have a solid start and something to build on as a business.  But of course doubt takes over and the thought of that actually happening is a far off dream.

I hate the feeling of doubt.

Feel free to share your frustrations with me.  I have been told I’m a good listener.

Prozac anyone?


4 thoughts on “My Frustration Rant

  1. I have learned that we are drilled to believe money and jobs = self worth. I have struggled with this SOO much since Jakin was diagnosed within the Autism spectrum and Chris pushed for me to stay home with the children rather than get another salon job (I am a licensed Aethetician and makeup artist). I have my days definitely. The trick is to look at it from a different angle. And find the things you do that add to your character (writing here, helping your author friend, etc) and BUILDING a new definition of success and self worth that isn’t of status or wealth. I am the most successful person I know. SAY WHAT? It is because I know a little about a lot and I crave to learn more each day. It is because I put my own needs on the back burner on the stove in the old shed while my boys, my husband, my friends, my family get to use the one actually in the house 😉 Yes I miss the money, the social aspect, and the accomplishments. I now get paid in laughter, hugs, kisses, and the craziest/sweetest things that come out of my families mouths and hearts. I now have a social network with writers (something I have always loved to do) that I would have never come in contact with and other people ALL around the world. I now have my writings being read DAILY!!! I have my children growing smarter and into gentlemen. There is so much I could type here. You’re a great guy OR you wouldn’t have a wife who wants to drag you around every 2-3 years. You wouldn’t have a blog that has readers. You wouldn’t have the author friend who is using your skills. That defines a whole hell of a lot for me- so it should for you!

    Now for a rant. Why has it taken me almost 2 years to potty train my 3 year old and in one trip to his old day care and with one sentence from his old teacher, “you can’t come back unless you’re in underwear,” he is suddenly/ magically in underroos with MAYBE one accident a day?! W.T.H. 😀

  2. Chrystalyn, you are a great friend. I appreciate your words of wisdom and the kindness along with them. I like your spin on how to view things. There are times I just need slapped across the face and told to snap out of it. I was just in a funk.

    Your family sounds pretty awesome. Kids are a trip aren’t they? The power of teachers is very underestimated.

    I was doing much better after reading your comments. But unfortunately bad things happen to me in 3’s. After I typed this I found out that my wife’s return from her deployment is delayed. I was supposed to be embracing her early Tuesday but now who knows. Then a few hours later I threw out my back lifting.

    Monday’s suck! 3 1/2 hours till Tuesday…… 🙂

  3. I can completely relate. I had an awesome job as an underwriter. I worked from home made at least 4k each quarter in bonus and it came with some prestige to have that title. Then the mortgage crash happened and now I LOVE what I do (I went back to school while unemployed for over two years) but on food stamps. Oh how the mighty fall. I guess everything in life has a trade off. I do feel in the long run better off but then again I like things.

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