An Award, How Humbling!

To my great surprise I have received the honorable award called The ABC Award.  I really don’t know what to say but thank you to my first follower Peter who passed on this award to me.  In his passing of this award to me he mentions that my posts are thought-provoking.   I can only hope to keep giving posts to uphold this honor bestrode upon me.

Now there are a few items I must abide by with accepting this award:

  1. Use one word from each letter of the alphabet to describe yourself.
  2. Share the love, give the award to the bloggers that you most love

1) I never really liked trying to describe myself.  Maybe that is why I am not such a great interviewer.  But here it goes:

A-Abstract, B-Big, C-Cautious, D-Diligent, E-Empathetic, F-Friend, G-God fearing, H-Husband, I-Insomniac, J-Jovial,  K-Kind, L-Leader, M-Moral, N-Noetic, O-Obnoxious, P-Pragmatic, Q-Quirky, R-Resilient, S-Scarred, T-Transformed, U-Unstoppable, V-Vigilant, W-Warmhearted, X-Xenophilia, Y-Young (at heart) Z-Zesty

2) Now to pass on the love:

I have found a lot of great blogs that have a ton of great content.  these are just a few that I must look at everyday now.

Evan has to be my brother that was taken away at birth.  In his blog he shares his journey of life.  We seem to have like minds.  So if you like me you will like Evan.

I love reading about food and new ways to view the topic.  Jess has a blog that can’t be missed.  She has a lot of thought-provoking posts about food, healthy eating and the like.  She has a really great outlook at how food should be.  A must read for me everyday.

Finally, even though she just recently received this award I must include her blog on my must read list, Chrystalyn.  There is something about her posts that makes me think of the fun times from my youth. She seems to be a free spirit that enjoys every second of life.  Her poetry is second to none on here.

And of course the love has to go back to Peter.  By reading his blog I have learned that a little number counting is not a bad thing especially if you have a bigger goal to reach.

Thank you all again for reading my blog. What a great way to enter the weekend than on a high like this.



One thought on “An Award, How Humbling!

  1. REALLY?! As Shia likes to say, “You’re NUTS!”
    Thank you for the ever so kind words! But, you do deserve this award too!! Congrats!! And Great pick Peter!

    And a little tip, if you would like to embed the links into your posts click the camera at the top of the visual editor you use to post. Then, go to the second tab From URL. They make it super simple just hard to find 😀

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