Moose: My Other Little Buddy

As silly as this picture looks, this is Moose getting ready for his favorite daily pastime, napping.  Now, he doesn’t wear the eye shade when he sleeps but I wanted to just capture his real essence.  Moose is the puppy I picked out at the pet store.  Well, he picked me I think.  I can still remember the day we found him.  We took him into the petting room at the pet store and he curled up in my hands and fell asleep.  He was not in the typical curl position, he was on his back.  From what I read about dogs, they sleep on their backs when they are in total comfort and feel safe.  And he did that in my hands.  How could I not pick him?

I think it is very true that pets and owners are very similar.  Moose is an eater!  He loves his treats and hogs the food bowl.  My wife and I have a saying when we give him stuff to chew.  It’s along the lines of the old Tootsie Pop commercial where the kids ask the wise owl, “How many licks does it take to get to the center of a Tootsie Pop?”  With Moose, it’s more of a, “How many chews till he is done?” Oh, and he competes with the best of burpers.  He lets them go from deep within.

He is not much of a fetch this, catch that kind of dog but when he plays he looks like a little puppy romping around with his ears flapping around.  He is the most social of the two.  He loves to go to PetSmart.  It’s like he is going to the club.  But I think more than just going to PetSmart, he loves the car.  I am not sure why he really loves it since he goes to the back seat and takes a nap.  He used to stand on the armrest between the front seats and act like the captain of a ship (my blog header pic).

I think the best thing about Moose is that he is very choosy on his distribution of love.  He is not much of a cuddler but when he does you know he loves it because he begins to breath heavily then gives a big sigh right before he falls asleep.  There is not much of a better experience like cuddling with my buddy.


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