Kenai: My Little Buddy

There are few things that can be very precious to you in life.  My little buddies are in that category.  It’s funny how dogs can drive you nuts but then seconds later drive you into a hysterical laughing jag.  That would be the ideal way to describe my two Jack Russell Terriers.

Kenai has no shutoff button.  He is full throttle all hours of the day.  He gives the Energizer Bunny a run for his money.  He also has a fetish for tennis balls.  If he doesn’t have one in his mouth he has one right beside him.  You know it’s time to play when he tosses it towards you.  If you can hold out long enough he will get into dog down pose and start playfully barking at you to play.  I have to take the blame for him doing that.  I taught him to speak.  Stupid me!  But he is truly a character.  He does have some irritating behaviors.  Well they are only irritating cause he is constantly seeking attention.  If you try and take a nap, he will cuddle with you (which is nice while the wife is deployed).  But he wants to be the one that falls asleep first.  So he makes sure you pet him to sleep.  If you don’t he will paw at you relentlessly until you give in.  It’s cute, don’t get me wrong, but its annoying if you are really tired.  I don’t know what I would do without my little tail wagging, ball chasing buddy.  He cracks me up all the time.

Anyone out there have a furry pal like Kenai?


One thought on “Kenai: My Little Buddy

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