The Funnier Side in the Pursuit of Fitness

So here I am laying in bed drinking my protein shake after another intense workout. Wow, I love P90X!  I am sweating just typing out the name of the program.  These workouts can really kick my butt.  I just completed week 5 and have enjoyed most of my time.  Let’s just say the first full week I was letting Tony Horton know, through the TV, what I think about his workouts.  Good thing only my two dogs were around while I worked out then.  LOL!

All in all this entire program is the best thing I have ever done for myself, physically speaking.  I have been an athlete my whole life, and I use the term athlete loosely.  But I have been playing sports since the time I could demand such a thing from my parents.  I have played hockey, baseball, lacrosse, football, cycling, running, and now softball.  As I aged I noticed the contact sports have gone to the way side and the cycling, running and softball are more my speed now.  But how do I stay in shape enough to still be effective and enjoy these things at the same time?  Well, exercise  and I just figured that out a few years back.

It’s not just exercise but the stretching and alternative activities that keep the body ready for action.  Just a few years ago I realized that my old body couldn’t take the pounding it used to.  I tried out for a football team while I was in Japan.  The military base had a traveling adult league team that took in new players every year to fill positions.  I figured with my size and my prior experience I would be a shoe in.  Boy was that a mistake.  These guys were serious and they made me prove my worth by going up against their best guy at each position I wanted to play opposite of.  Let’s just say I had a few pieces of humble pie.

Realizing my new found limitations to a sport I once loved, I needed to figure something out.  I then found my new love in softball.  The military base also had a traveling softball team.  These guys were serious too but without all the hitting and tackling.  I found my new sport!  But I soon found out that regardless of the position I was to play I had to compete.  And to compete with a bunch of military guys that are required to be fit, I needed to be fit too.

I decided to toss my pride aside and try new techniques.  I talked a few other guys into trying Pilates with me.  This class was a total surprise.  I had no idea that something without weights could be so demanding.  I really liked it but it came with it’s embarrassing moments too.  Not that you all need to know this but I’m a sweater.  I sweat no matter what I do; sit, stand, run, walk, etc. and it doesn’t matter what season of the year it is either.  Well, these classes were in a small enclosed area in a gym that loved to have the heat on.

I guess since I shared that little piece and grossed you all out I can let you in on the funny and yet embarrassing thing that happened.  There is this one move in Pilates as well as yoga (which I now love too) called the plow pose.  In this pose you lay on your back and raise your legs over your body and attempt to place your feet by your head.  Well, my gut and lack of flexibility at the time didn’t allow me to get my legs very far over my body.  So the instructor came over to me and offered assistance.  I said it is not necessary as I felt this was as far as I could go anyway.  She insisted on pushing my legs further back to gain the flexibility a little at a time.  I gave in to her request.  I gave a quick warning of my slick sweaty body.  She laughed and said not to worry we all sweat.  To shorten this story, I ended up with an instructor falling on me as her hands slipped off my legs.  Embarrassing……but funny now that I look back at it.

So what is my point to all of this?  You should always take the good with the bad.  Life gives us the little experiences that enrich and amuse us.  We get to share these moments with other people in search of the same answer your quest has already brought you to.

Thanks for reading!


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