Global Issues

Hello again Everyone!

I wanted to dig a little deeper today and share a little from my Masters program in International Relations.  I feel that sometimes we get a little too wrapped up in pop culture and forget that there is more in the world than our own little bubble. Take a few minutes to read a little and if you wouldn’t mind leave me some feedback and maybe we could have a discussion on the issues at hand.  Maybe your issues are in a different order or you have different issues.  Enjoy reading!

The mind-boggling number of different global issues facing the international system today are too numerous to list but we, as evaluators of the system, can list the most important based on our self-reference criteria and ethnocentrism.  Many on my list can be listed together since they deal with the same main “Larger” issue or category.  The top 9 of my personal list of issues are:

  1. Terrorism
  2. Human Rights: Racism – Child Rights
  3. Poverty – food aid
  4. Energy consumption – Environmental concerns
  5. World health: obesity – disease control
  6. Foreign Policy (all countries)
  7. International Law
  8. Education
  9. World population

Looking at all of the different possible global issues facing the international system today, they all seem inter-related.  Regardless of which issue you try to isolate from the others it seems difficult to not see another issue as a cause or effect from that single issue.  An example: take the ever-growing problem of the world population.  Where is this major issue a problem?  Africa, Asia, and Latin America.

Why is this a problem in these areas?  It could be a multitude of issues like basic education on Planned Parenthood or contraception, migration for work purposes or even refugees fleeing other countries for a large number of reasons.  Then there can be a link from the education and migration problem with economic problems which could stem from and link to corrupt governments or an unstable political environment.  With a corrupt government who is left to enforce any type of environmental restrictions on industry?  Even with the EPA and possibly the International Criminal Court (which seems lacking power without the involvement of the US) or any other parts of the UN or international law’s involvement doesn’t seem to faze these governments.  Which leads to other problems like the harboring of terrorists, war and etc.

The point is, I can go on and on linking one issue with others and start over and create new links.  The problem is: where do we as players in this cruel game, if possible, help in solving these issues?  Or even; if we could pin point the worst of the problems and if we could solve them, would it help the world as a whole or just those individual states or nation-states?


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